Launch your own multi-service app like Gojek in 5 days to support the people in need.

Almost all retail sectors around the world have come to a halt. People are panicking to get out of their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is taking a toll on the stock markets, manufacturing, air travel, and other industries.

Extend your support in this frightful situation by launching a multi-service app in just 5 days that fulfills the needs of your end-users, meeting the demand surge. Our Gojek clones can be customized as per your requirements and launched in the market to meet the delivery needs of the general public.

We assist you in integrating features such as ‘Contactless delivery’ into your app to help your users practice social distancing to overcome the dread of COVID-19 and place orders through your app without any worry.

Businesses are working out ways to cater to the needs of users, along with blocking the means to prevent the spread of the disease. Join hands with them by building a super app right away.

Significant services in our Gojek clone solutions that could help in this emergency situation:

Food delivery

Grocery delivery

Medicine delivery



multi-service app solution

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