How Fleas Affect Your Pets

Flea infestation in pets is a serious concern. For one, female fleas can easily produce up to 50 eggs within the day of finding a host. The eggs settle on the floor and areas where your pet usually stays. The eggs develop into larvae by staying in various crannies in your house. Eventually, the larvae develop into adults where they can go out and infect another host. Fleas mature from 12 days up to 6 months depending on the environmental factors.

Fleas feed on the host's blood. In severe cases, pets suffer from anemia due to heavy flea infestation. This is true for your puppies and kittens. Sometimes, flea bites can cause allergies to the dog's skin. By scratching the infected skin continuously, the dog can develop further skin infections. Furthermore, fleas carry tapeworms. This is another reason why flea infestation is serious.

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