How To Care Varicose Veins in the Winter

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How Cold Weather Affects Varicose Veins

Changes in atmospheric pressure also impact the way our veins operate during the winter. When atmospheric pressure falls in the winter months, our body slows down the circulatory system. Several changes occur during the winter, which affects the health of the vein. Knowing some of these problems may help you avoid them.

Low temperature

Decreased atmospheric pressure

Less activity

Weight gained

Ways you can prevent it

Varicose veins tend to form when the veins are stressed and fail to work properly.

In winter, here are things yo

u can do to care for your veins, to stop new varicose, and keep older veins from getting worse.


Drinking sufficient water

Avoid prolonged periods of sitting or standing

With age, vein valves begin to get weaker, causing varicose veins to get worse. You can't do much about your age, gender, or family background. But maintaining a balanced diet, having enough exercise, staying hydrated, and keeping your blood pressure healthy are all aspects in your hands

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