How to Choose the Right SEO Company

In the marketing industry, new techniques and strategies emerge every day. Brands with an internet presence spend a significant portion of their budget on search engine optimization and will continue to invest for the future.

For brands, you need to start optimizing your web presence now, otherwise, you risk falling behind your competition. If you don't have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and your business lacks marketing talent, you can outsource your SEO strategy by outsourcing it to an agency.

What is an SEO agency?


Why use an SEO agency?

You may need to hire an SEO agency to answer these questions:

Does my site technically meet the search engine requirements?

How to modify my site without losing my current SEO?

What is the most suitable SEO strategy that I can implement?

How can I optimize my visibility and be 1st on the search engines?

More and more companies are interested in SEO and the number of SEO service providers is increasing accordingly.

Unfortunately, the market is saturated, and choosing a competent specialist can be difficult. It is therefore important to know how to recognize the signs of quality and thus avoid choosing the wrong partner.

Common characteristics of mediocre SEO agencies

Choosing the wrong SEO partner can do a lot of harm to your business. We are going to review the signs that identify a low-profile SEO agency.

1. Unachievable promises

You are looking for an SEO partner because you want to be present on the internet. An agency ensures you can double your traffic in a few months. It is attractive, but in reality, it is unlikely.

It's a bad sign when a digital provider promises to quickly rank your unoptimized website on the first page. SEO is a long-term process. You will be running a marathon here, not a sprint.

It takes several months to see the effects, or even years, depending on the sector of your business. Nothing is impossible, but you should know that no SEO technique can guarantee that you will achieve exceptional results quickly or that you will maintain this progress for an extended period of time.

2. Lack of interest in your business goals

The second sign to watch out for revolves around your business goals. A competent agency will seek to understand the nature of your goals and how SEO will achieve them. In my opinion, a successful SEO campaign is an ROI campaign integrating your business goals.

For example :

Are you looking to generate potential clients, but your partner agency is only interested in traffic?

Although you want to improve your local presence, does the strategy put in place for you only focus on rankings in general?

These types of misunderstandings can cause problems later. You may fail to understand the impact SEO can have on your business.

3. A mediocre website and a shaky content strategy

Before entrusting the referencing of your site to an agency, make sure that their digital strategy is up to the task! If their website and content is ugly, outdated, irrelevant, or worrying in some way, it is a sign that they are not taking their own advice.

Relevant agencies understand the importance of relevant content and user experience . So pay attention to these two elements. They can help identify a supplier that is not up to par.

Be sure to do a quick Google search to determine the future partner's rank on key terms. Look for the following phrases: "SEO agency", "SEO at [NAME OF CITY]" and any other related terms that come to mind. Take note of the agency's ranking on each keyword. Does it appear among the first results? Does it appear on the first page?

4. Poor communication

If the potential partner isn't trying to understand your goals, chances are they won't be able to communicate effectively either. Test his communication skills through a variety of methods. Call, send an e-mail. Pay attention to response time and the tone of responses. These signals can help you identify an agency that might not be a good fit for your team. In my experience, a company that is satisfied with these campaigns always ends up internalizing SEO skills through training and/or support.

The characteristics common to competent SEO agencies

Before choosing an SEO agency, it's important to get your team together to discuss your content and marketing goals. From there, you can choose a partner who will help you specifically achieve what you have planned.

As you begin the mate search process, keep an eye out for the following characteristics. They are the sign of a competent seo agency.

1. A personalized strategy

SEO doesn't just improve rankings. Indeed, it is also about generating relevant and qualified traffic. To rank well is good. Creating content that attracts visitors and turns prospects into customers is better.

A good agency will talk to you to understand your target, your services, and your goals. they will know how to use this knowledge to develop a unique strategy because there is no one size fits all or magic formula when it comes to SEO.

2. White hat methods

It is essential to verify that your future partner uses white hat techniques.

There are SEO tactics that allow you to get results in a faster time by manipulating the system contrary to engine guidelines or by trying to manipulate Google's ranking algorithm. While this allows rapid progress, the consequences for companies that choose this type of method can be significant.

black hat

White hat SEO , on the other hand, follows Google's guidelines. Don't be afraid to confront a potential partner if their methods seem shady or unethical!

3. Walk the talk

A competent SEO agency will keep their promises and do their best to meet expectations while a very competent SEO agency will provide proof that their campaigns and methods are working. they will share with you data, case studies, recommendations and projects carried out for other clients.

These high-performing agencies are not afraid to share information about their past work or the strategies they employ. They will also not hesitate to engage in m ore in-depth discussions on complex and related topics. In my opinion, SEO is just one acquisition channel among others, a good agency must have an overview of digital channels.

4. Appropriate analysis tools

Effective strategies can be put in place without purchasing expensive software. An agency must at least train its staff and clients to use the Google suite: Analytics, Ads, Search Console. Not only must be able to configure Google Analytics, but also must know how to use reporting, extract the necessary and relevant data and explain it to you in an intelligible way.

5. Favor conversion

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