How to Structure a Dissertation

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Following are the most common dissertation structures of sciences and social sciences includes;

1. Introduction to your topic.

2. Literature review of the surveys of relevant sources.

3. Methodology explanation.

4. Research results in an overview.

5. Result and implications discussion.

6. Research conclusion.

Building an argument by analyzing primary and secondary sources and is often structured more like an extended essay is a dissertation. You can organize your topics around different themes or case studies as per your requirement.

Mentioned below are the other main points of the dissertation.

Title page

The title is the first page of your document, which contains your dissertation’s title, your name, department, institution, degree, and submission date. You can also add your student id, your instructor’s name, and the university’s logo. You can use it as a cover when printing and binding your dissertation.


This is the optional section, and it provides you with the space to thank everyone who supported you in working on your dissertation. You can include family, teachers, and friends, or anyone who helped you.


An abstract is a short summary of your dissertation; usually, around 150-300 words are required in the Abstract. It comes at the end. Make sure you add mentioned below points in the Abstract.

• Focus on the main topic and aims of your research

• Describe your methods

• Add the main result in summary.

• Conclude the research.

It’s the first part of your research. Although it is concise. It is essential that you write it precisely.

List of Contents

The contents are used to list all of your topics, and headings as per their page numbers. This section gives an overview of the reader regarding the structure and assists in navigating the document.

Abbreviations List

Creating a list of abbreviations in your dissertation is the right choice it will help the reader search for the meanings so, that the reader can quickly look up their meanings.


If there are a number of highly specialized terms that will not be familiar to your reader. Alphabetically enlist the terms and explain each term with a quick description or definition.


The introduction is a part where you set up a plot before directly targeting the topic. Add dissertation’s topic, relevance, and purpose.

Following are the main points of the introduction.

• The first step should be to establish your research by giving the necessary background information.

• Define the scope of the research and narrow down the focus.

• Mention your objectives and research question clearly and indicate how you will answer them.

• Your dissertation’s structure needs an overview.

Make sure that the information is clear, relevant, and engaging. In the end, the reader should understand the reason behind the topic and the purpose of the research.

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