Best Things You Need to Know About The Polished Vitrified Tiles

polished vitrified tiles

Characteristics of the vitrified tiles

Composition of the tile

A mixture of clay and silica makes up the vitrified tiles. Both these materials are mixed and then heated at a high temperature. The heating of the elements gives a unique texture to the tile. The tiles look too shiny, and it is also non-porous. You don't have to worry about extra glazing if you use the vitrified tiles for your home.

Strength of the tile

outdoor tiles


The basic thickness of vitrified tiles is almost 12mm. It means the thickness of the tiles is almost equivalent to granite and marble.


Durability is another major factor that you need to consider when choosing a tile for your home. When compared to other tiles options in the market, the vitrified tiles are quite durable. Thus, you don't have to worry about changing your home's tiles every 5-years if you are using the vitrified tiles. The permanence of color also makes it one of the best tiling options for many households.


You must have seen the use of vitrified tiles in many big projects related to hotels and hospitals. Most big projects use vitrified tiles as they are high-quality tiles. The manufacturer checks the thickness, size, and durability consistency in all tiles before sending them to the market for sales. If you are looking for a tiling option that can help you get the homely feeling but luxurious look, one of the best options can be the vitrified tiles.

We hope all these characteristics of vitrified tiles will enable you to make an easy choice. Let us know if you want to get more details about the vitrified tiles.

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