A Gentleman's Dignity ep 15 LIVE RECAP

The secret of Collin's father will be revealed tonight. And can the guys fix the relationship between yisoo and dojin TONIGHT LIVE!!!! CAST: Jang Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin Kim Ha Neul as So Yi Soo Kim Su Ro as Im Tee san Kim Min Jong as Choi Yun(Yoon) Lee Jong Hyuk as Lee Jung Rok Yun See Ya as Hong Se Ra Yun Jin Yi as Im Me Ahri Kim Jong Nan as Park Min Song ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live Recap starts now Opening scene: The 4 guys was called for one day military service (this is done after u finished the 2 years military service). They all come with cars, and tired body and face. They kept answering the head service (since he's younger), making the head service felt really bad. In the future, they met with the head service in Jungrok's cafe. They tourtured the guy, suddenly they guy called his mother. turn out, they guy's mom is Teesan and dojin big customer. Teesan and Dojin quickly stopped Yoon and Jungrok, and started comforting the guy. Dojin sit in cafe looking outside the window remembering the date he once had with Yisoo. They were drinking ice and Yisoo was acting cute asking Dojin to give him some ice. Suddenly, the guy who sit beside them started singing badly, making them go away. Dojin was remembering all the sweet memories with sad face. Then Eunhee come. Eunhee asked him why he called her. Dojin wasnt to ask Eunhee to go to Yoon's office together meeting with Collin. Eunhee said she once asked about Collin's korean name to Dojin 8 years ago. 8 years ago, Eunhee met with Dojin, telling him there is someone she want to show Dojin. That is the first time Collin ever asked about his real father. But Dojin never showed up the next morning in the meeting place, so Eunhee just left with Collin. Dojin told Eunhee that he didn't record that day, so he couldn't remember it Yisoo met with Dojin and Eunhee in Yoon's front office. Dojin introduce the 2 woman.She introduced Yisoo as the woman he lost. But Yisoo said she's not the one Dojin introduced, said strightfully she wasn't that happy to meet in this kind of situation Dojin looked shocked and sad when Yisoo just gone after saying cold words. Dojin and Eunhee met with Yoon. Yoon showed the DNA test. Eunhee was joking that they didn't trust her. COLLIN IS DOJIN"S SON.(OMG>>>>>) Eunhee left, even after Yoon asked her to eat together. Yoon asked Dojin what will he do next after Collin is proven as his son. Dojin just said To help Yisoo as much as he can, as say sorry when he met her. Yisoo was going home in very weak step. At home, Yisoo told Sera that she meet Eunhee. Sera asked if Yisoo pulled her hair and everything. Yisoo told Sera that she got blank when she met Eunhee, and thinking she was the woman dojin met in his 20's She just looked weak and excused herself. Sera asked how Eunhee looked since she's also Teesan's first love. Yisoo just said Beautiful. Ahri also come to the house. She is comforting Yisoo who was laying in the bed. She even willing to tell Yisoo dojin's house password number.But Yisoo just answered weakly. Yoon told the other 2 guys that Collin is really Dojin's son. Teesan asked the guys if they need to buy him some clothes since they officially Collin's uncle. The guys was thinking where should they met him They met him in a very cute cafe full of character. Collin come with scared face. They 3 guys welcomed him with warm face. they give him some present and introduce themselves formally. At school, Yisoo's fave student didn't come to school. Yisoo go to the restaurant where he work part time after school. Yisoo asked him if he's really hit the other student. The student said yes. Yisoo asked him to go with her to ask forgiveness to the other student's parent. But the student refused it. After the student left, a call come. It was Eunhee asked to meet Yisoo. Eunhee met with Yisoo in the cafe. Eunhee asked if Yisoo broke up with Dojin. Eunhee said she love Dojin 20 years ago and then born Collin. But now, she is a another ma's wife. So she asked Yisoo not to hesitate because of her. If Yisoo realy love Dojin, she can think again because Collin, but don't be because of her. Yisoo asked what make she strong enough to give birth Collin, Eunhee just said because she's a mother. At night, Yisoo was lying in the bed thinking about the promise Dojin made in her bed. She looked more peaceful with her mind. In the morning, Yoon prepared a breakfast for Dojin, to support him and told him to be more strong. The 3 guys met again in the park, talking about Dojin. Jungrok said that he will be confused if a son come out of the blue. Jungrok told the 2 guys to make plan to make Dojin and Yisoo meet in his cafe. Teesan bring Yisoo to the cafe. But Teesan looked very nervous and akward. Yisoo asked Teesan if Dojin will come too. Teesan said yes. Yisoo just said yes, then thanking him since she miss him too. Dojin come with Yoon. Yoon akwardly said hello to them. Teesan told him to stop since she know everything. So they just left Yisoo and Dojin alone. Dojin told Yisoo that she shouldn't come but Yisoo didn't mind. But Yisoo excused herself since there is important meeting. Yisoo and his student come to the other student's house. Yisoo was talking with the mother via intercom.But the mother just refused and talked in high tones. Minsong was arrived in front of the house too. She saw everything and helped Yisoo. Minsong asked the mother to come down cooly. The mother was surprised with everything. Minsong told the mother that the student is his nephew. Yisoo apologize and Minsong told The student to apologize. The mother was speechless and told them to consider the suit was never done. Minsong told Yisoo that this is for the happening in the residents before. Minsong told the student, all things can be done with money. The more reason for him to study again. MInsong asked Yisoo to have a cup with her. Minsong asked Yisoo's condition. Yisoo want to say yes, but she said she is hard to accept everything. But minsong told Yisoo that her expression is even with all this scandal, she still love Dojin. Yisoo was in the bus stop, realizing that she still love DOjin. She suddenly listened a song that come out from one of the speaker in the street. Dojin who was listening the same song in his car got home. After got into his room, Dojin just started crying...... Ahri come to Yoon's office. Ahri was confused why Yoon didn't say anything and told her to go. Ahri said just take this bracelet.Yoon who know everything took ahri's hand and pulled out her sleeve. Ahri actually wear the same bracelet in different color. Couple bracelet. Yoon told ahri to think again considering his brother. But ahri was furious and told he should just take the bracelet. And consider it as a gift that she give to one of his brother' friend. Yoon told him again about the age gap so Ahri just threw the bracelet to the garbage bin. Ahri sang in the karaoke . Teesan told Ahri to get back to her concious. He called Yoon and said Ahri was crying and everything saying that he doesn't want to meet him again. Ahri was afraid and hurriedly took the phone away. Thankfully it's just fake call. teesan warned Ahri once again. Both of them went to Sera's house. Yisoo was in front of Dojin 's house. She told him to come out. yisoo said to Dojin. She want DOjin to keep his promise, to love her until Yisoo fed up first. SHe told Dojin to meet her and beside her until she hate him and eady to broke up with him. Dojin said yes. Yisoo called Dojin to meet him in road, bookstore or movies But they kept their distance even when Yisoo was about to fall down, Dojin hold her hand but Yisoo told him to take off his and. Dojin remembered the time when he said bad thing to Yisoo (when Yisoo found out about he slept with other women , or when he ask yisoo to sleep with him) He imagined himseelf go back to the past and ask her forgiveness Sera saw ahri driving her car. Ahri told Sera that Teesan had her car for a while. Sera who was furious go to see Minsong asking for explanation. Minsong told Sera that Teesan pay all her debt. Sera was angry that Minsong told Teesan about her debt. Minsong said she has no reason to tell Teesan. Sera told Minsong she is not supposed to take Teesan's money. But Minsong said it's anout Teesan's pride. His husband's bestfriend pride. Uenhee meet with Dojin telling him she will leave seoul. But Collin wan to stay in Seoul. Dojin said okay, and she will tell her Collin's korean name. Eunhee said Dojin did a good thing. Dojin accept Yisoo call and just ask "where" they eat lunch together in silence. Dojin gave water to yisoo who eat so fast telling her to eat slowly. Yisoo said no need to talk. Suddenly a call come to Yisoo's phone. Yisoo's expression turned dark and she just ignore the phone Yisoo told Dojin to just go. Dojin asked whose is it. Yisoo said no need to tak, and just left. Dojin catched her hand. Yisoo just said it's her mother. Unless Dojin want to meet her mother and know the whole story he should just let he hand go THE END next episode preview Sera was interfering teesan who was in the middle of a meeting with other woman. Ahri was crying in front of Yoon's previous wife photo. She asked permission to love him and ask her help to make Yoon love her. All the 4 guys just say everything. Jungrok and mInsong romantic bicycle date. And Yisoo and Dojin picnic date. Yisoo said " I said i will go to you, you just stnd there and wait for me" Then she hug Dojin Can't wait for tomorrow!

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