The Best Decking Stains

Choosing the best decking stain will help improve and nourish your deck and protect it from harsh weather conditions such as heat and rain. Decking stains help you to effortlessly achieve a nice looking deck without interfering with its appearance. If you want only a little bit of complexity applied to your deck’s color, a decking stain is a commodity you need, but certain stains can have a darker color than others. Decking stains also help preserve the wood and nourish it, extending its life cycle.

Below is a list of our top decking stains:

1.Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus

Sikkens stain

Some even say that it can last up to 7 years after the initial staining with only an occasional re-coating. It is best-suited for areas with high-traffic and variable weather.

2.Johnstone’s Woodcare Stain

Fast-growing fungus, algae, and mold can ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful deck. The good news is that this stain does not allow any microorganisms to settle and peel to occur due to its tough water-repellent formula.


This decking stain is highly recommended for its resilience in adverse weather conditions. It has a scuff-resistant finish suited for households with a lot of foot traffic. Its Ultra Violet filters prevent the deck from blistering, peeling, and cracking. While the Ronseal stain is tough, it is still beautiful and has a matte finish that leaves your deck looking bright and attractive.


This is another tough yet elegant decking stain. It has an anti-slip formula making your deck safe for fast-moving pets and children. It is also semi-transparent and has a double duty durable layer. Additionally, it has anti-slip microbeads that keeps unsightly molds from forming while protecting the decking from scuffs and weathering. Most users prefer to use it for their busy gardens.

Depending on the result you're after, there are a few formulations and finishes to pick from. In terms of aesthetics, for those who want to let the natural grain of the wood come through, a transparent deck stain is an alternative, whereas those seeking a more purposely painted look can go for a solid finish.

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