Acne Scars & Wrinkles Can Be Faded Away With Dermal Fillers

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This article has everything that you need to know about dermal fillers and their effects. Let’s get started with what these are.

Dermal Fillers

Medically known as dermal fillers, these injectables are miracles of cosmetic science that instantly lift up crow’s feet, smile lines and other facial creases along with scars. Your dullness completely gives up and you look absolutely stunning in your youthful skin.

This gel-like substance is made up of complex-sugar extracted proteins to fill up wrinkles and add volume to soft tissues. These are injected at different layers of your face for achieving different beauty goals, such as plumping lips and cheeks, remodeling nose, removing scars and lifting up jaw line.

Two Types of Facial Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are basically of two types- natural and synthetic. Most of the natural fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is no less than an elixir for your skin because of its lifting capacities. The fact is that our body does produce it internally, which flushes our facial tissues with life. So, it is hundred percent safe and has potential to replenish moisture, which keeps your surface radiant and fresh.


Besides, there are collagens that are natural also. These are made from purified cow skin, and sometimes, human skin. The experienced dermatologists extract it from another body part to inject it where lines, folds and scars are clearly visible.


Made of the botulism toxin, Botox is slightly different from dermal fillers. It has a capacity of freezing facial muscles. This substance is effective when your goal is to get off deep wrinkle lines or droopy eyes. It softens skin by temporarily immobilizing muscles so that their movement does not happen over and over. This movement is the root cause of folds and furrows. So, cosmetic doctors hamper it with botox.

Typically, it is used as the most effective and non-surgical cosmetic treatment for filling up broad areas, such as forehead lines or droopy eyes. Today, this toxin is also found effective in the medical conditions like excessive sweating, overactive bladder and migraines.

Advantages or Benefits of Fillers

Being organic, our body reabsorbs most of the fillers. This is the reason why it is billed as temporary because it effect is not permanent. Since these are meant to fill out the target area, you get tempted to go for it. It’s truly magical when you see your face after getting it. The traces of fine lines almost seem fade away, which attracts you to get it done over and over.

However, its effect lasts for 6 months to two years approximately. In the meantime, you need to see your derm periodically for touchups once or twice a year.

If you combine it with the advanced laser treatment, the acne scars also get away without irking you with pain. Even, rolling and boxy scars, which are formed due to scratching pimples, can be seen almost gone within one or two sittings. This treatment hardly lasts for 60 minutes, taking the least downtime. Subsequently, you just see an unimaginable improvement and rejuvenated visage without any prescription.

Undoing The Overdone Fillers Is Possible

A few patients see overdone cheeks or lips, which certainly is unlikeable. It is possible to remove it if the patient does not like it once injected. The hyaluronic acid base, as found the most common ingredient, can be dissolved easily using an enzyme called hyaluronidase. This is why dermatologists rely on such dermal fillers that have this acid.

The case of collagen filler is radically different. Its composition has various substances as in Radiesse, Artefill, and Sculptra, which make its reversing a daunting challenge. However, possibility is there if you are ok with the surgery because this is the only way to extract it. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee to reverse it completely. Also, you need to consult with a certified and experienced plastic surgeon if you are really unhappy with the results.

May Cause Side Effects That Aren’t Common

Dermal fillers do come with side effects. The most typical ones are bruises, bleeding under the skin where you have been injected. But, the good thing is that they aren’t crazy common.

Some adversity stems due to ignorance. Dermatologists prohibit taking vitamin E or aspirin for a few days before undergoing this treatment. The ignorance pays off in injuries. So, you should take it up seriously.

You may see some allergic reactions because of localized infection or a rash at the clinic, according to the FDA. Unfortunately, it happens but, it clears up within a few weeks.

Dr. Sanjay Mohindra is a 30+ years experienced cosmetic physician who has been satisfying customers with advanced lasers, 100 % cruelty free cosmeceuticals, microdermabrasion and many other advanced fillers & injectables to achieve wrinkle free skin and best care in his state of art Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta in Australia.
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