It is not for nothing that tarpaulin has been successfully used for many decades in many fields of activity: construction, agriculture, mechanical engineering, shipping, transportation of goods, etc., industry, and business.

And this is not only because this fabric is considered the most durable in the world. The tarpaulin has many other useful qualities.

A bit of tarpaulin history


Then the advantages of the tarpaulin were appreciated by the army during the world wars. This material was used to make temporary tents for soldiers, covers for guns, etc.

Soldiers use canvas tarps

Type of tarpaulin

The OP mark means that the fabric has increased fireproof properties. Therefore, it can be used in the clothing of firefighters and industries associated with increased fire risks.

The OV, PV, and VO markings indicate the water-repellent properties of the impregnation. The scope of application of such a tarpaulin is very wide - these are awning structures, and protective clothing, and tents, and all kinds of building shelters.


Tarpaulin application

As we have already said, tarpaulin has become an irreplaceable assistant in almost all areas of production and everyday life. One can use only this material to sew a high-strength, practically "eternal" thing in terms of service life - covers, tents, awnings, and many others.

Tarpaulin is suitable for many tasks, including shelter from strong wind, rain, and sun, to protect any object as a canvas for a picture.

canvas tarps

Many industrial enterprises, and especially metallurgical plants, also actively buy tarpaulin.

They have a demand for the refractory type (with the OP marking). Tarpaulin gloves reliably protect workers who work with ovens. Companies engaged in the production of awnings and tents buy VO (water-repellent) tarpaulin.

Buying tarpaulin

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that buying a tarpaulin is a very important issue that needs to be approached with all the degree of responsibility. The fact is that the quality of the material directly depends on the manufacturers.

If you cooperate with a conscientious company that adheres to all standards and technology for producing tarpaulins, then you can be sure of its quality. But today, unfortunately, not all manufacturers follow the required rules.


We are ready to offer you a high-quality tarpaulin that meets GOST directly from the manufacturing plant warehouse. These products have passed all technological tests and are regularly checked for quality. And the favorable pricing policy of our company has made us a worthy competitor among other firms engaged in this activity.

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