As soon as autumn sets in, the days get shorter, and the weather gets worse, the consideration follows to iron and store or hang a tarpaulin canopy.

Enjoy the outdoors under your tarpaulin cover

In principle, a tarpaulin cover, such as manufacturers it, can remain outside all year round. Tarpaulins are made of extremely strong material, specially designed for use by the army, UV-resistant and waterproof, and storm-resistant.

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Considerations for hanging a tarpaulin canopy:

Tarpaulins are UV resistant, waterproof, and storm-resistant. Leaving it outside all year round is, therefore, no problem.

Even in winter, by leaving the canopy in your garden, use can be made of the covered space on days when it is cold but sunny without too much wind - Enjoy with a plaid, a cup of hot chocolate, or a glass of mulled wine, what nature and the outdoors bring.

A canopy creates atmosphere and coziness in the garden - The trees are bare, shrubs and plants are dying, which does not make it any cozier in the garden.

If you decide, for whatever reason, to pick up yourcanopy (to be ironed in professional jargon) and put it away, we recommend that you observe the following rules

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· Not only do you need to make sure that the tarpaulin is clean and dry, but you must also provide a dry space to store the tarpaulin. Storing a dry cloth in a damp room can cause your cloth to become moldy and discolored.

· You can clean the tarpaulin yourself by wiping the dirt off the canvas with a dry brush. If necessary, one can carefully spray off stubborn dirt with a garden hose.

· If you do not feel like doing this or lack the time for this, there is the possibility of having the clothes professionally cleaned by the specialists. Of course, we would be happy to inform you about this additional lifting, ironing, and washing service.

· After cleaning and drying the canvas, it is best to store these kinds of specialty tarp in the specially designed storage bag that comes with you.

Minimal contamination and discoloration

Due to the use of materials and the specific design of a, our sunscreen canopies do not get dirty quickly.

In contrast to many competitors, who round up here very generously and allow tarpaulin thicknesses both in the roof and in the side area to vary by 40%! Pay close attention to the providers' descriptions, including rubber tarp straps and other material associated with them.


When it comes to our products' quality, we set very high standards for both the tarpaulin and the tent poles. Not all tarpaulins are the same! Here the material composition and the inner workings are decisive for the quality. All of our PVC tarpaulins are cast high-performance PVC film.

The Tarp Co. is a quality canvas tarps manufactured in the USA. Tarps manufactured by The Tarp Co. are both versatile and durable. If you want to know more about us please visit our online store:
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