All you need to know about managing a FMCG logistics supply chain

FMCG logistics

Features of FMCG products: -

· The ones that get sold fast

· Mass consumption

· High volumes

· Extensive distribution

· Range of the products should be low to medium

· Shorter shelf life

Today, it is easy to notice a major paradigm shift where the purchase of these FMCG goods is concerned, as mainly everything can be ordered online, without requiring any physical presence at the store. The logistics team is the ninja architect of the business as they are the brainchild behind the seamless, efficient transportation of the goods from one place to another. They deliver goods in the most regimented and synchronized manner.

logistics solution

FMCG logistics

Following are the features of such a logistics team: -

· Transportation of low margin, high distribution network goods

· The right selection of wholesaler, distributor, and retailer

· Timely delivery of goods at the warehouse

· Taking into consideration the transportation costs and safety

· Calculating the maximum safe stacking height

· Permissible method of placement of fragile materials

In addition to all these, they also have a fleet management system which allows one to control the transport of the goods from the moment the cargo is collected from its delivery location. Some logistics companies also use an application, from which one can track down the location using the GPS. The dispatcher can receive information about the flow of the traffic along the route in real-time.

Electronic logistics

E-logistics or electronic logistics

Implementation of E-logistics:

For smooth and efficient implementation of e-logistics, it is always better to include multiple steps in the plan. It will help in reducing the chances of error at an early stage. Below are some tips that can help you manage your logistics effectively to ensure a smooth supply chain:

· Make a foolproof plan

· Keep an incidental plan handy

· Engage a logistics manager who possesses strong interactive skills

· Include automation wherever possible

· Address your mistakes seriously and learn from such opportunities

Thus, managing both FMCG logistics and electronic logistics processes involve effective problem-solving capabilities, skills, adaptability, ability to manage stress, flexibility, leadership skills, etc. Logistics managers need to be aware of the latest innovations and automation's to make the process as accurate, efficient and smooth as possible.


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