2021 Wholesale 30 Styles of Best Strip Lashes in the UK/US

Emeda has been an eyelash supplier for many years, we just offer high-quality 3D mink strip lashes and eyelash tools, etc.

In 2021, we develop some new styles of strip lashes for customers.  There are 30 fashion styles of strip lashes  now, 

I will introduce to you in details. 

1. P101:A  gorgeous set of feathery 3D mink strip lashes

There are a gorgeous set of feathery, half lashes that accentuate and lengthen just the outer corner of the eye. They are also super easy to apply and greate for those who have small eyes or just want a little extra flare.

2.  P103 : Easy to position 3D mink strip lashes

Customers thought these lashes were dramatic and three-quarters were pleasantly surprised by how conty they were to wear. They were not too heavy and were easy to position. 

3. P104: Dramatic and fluffy 3D mink strip lashes

Dramatic look wispy mink lashes adopt soft fiber material. Thick, long, volume and fluffy lashes, multi-layer design, each pair of our 3D false eyelashesare hand-made by our workers. 

4.  P106 : Amazing lightweight and comfortable 3D mink strip lashes

The mink false lashes are amazing and comfortable as it is so soft. The cotton band is durable , not easy fall apart . You will not even feel exist on your eyes. The long 3D eyelashes will seamlessly with your own lash. 

5. P107: Full and fabulous 3D mink strip lashes

High volume 3D mink lashes, designed with full and fabulous from root to tip, are suitable for ladies who are lusting after a voluminious look. The thickness draws attention to your eyes and the textured pattern adds beautiful drama to your eyes without being over powering and highlights a seductive smokey eye.

6. P108: Bold and alluring 3D mink strip lashes

Long false eyelashes, it is dramatic, bold, sexy, alluring, charming, curled, thick, make stunning makeup effect. Smoky, glamorous, wispies makeup to wear such bold lashes. Believe me, you will be the most eye-catching person in audience.

7. P110: Lightweight and comfortable 3D mink strip lashes

The strip lashes are full and fluffy, but lightweight, it is comfortable to wear and easy to apply and remove. The roots of the eyelashes are soft, easy to band, flexible, you can curl fake eyelashes and adjust the band to meet the curvature of your eyes.

8. P112: 3D mink strip lashes save bag space

Easy to carry and save your makeup bag space. You can carry eyelashes with you to go to various venues such as dances, birthday parties, beautiful anytime and anywhere. No glue in the packing.

9. P115: multiple layered 3D mink strip lashes

New update 9 layered, mixed multiple layered 18-20mm natural full eyelashes with perfect layered 3D effect, vivid glamorous and shiny, can be trimmed on the edges, make a gorgeous makeup.

10. P117: 100% handmade 3D mink strip lashes

Each mink lash is handmade of natural-soft black cotton band, sre extremely safe, durable, do not harm your eyes.

11. P119: Firm and soft 3D mink strip lashes

Thick flexible band is firm and soft, breathable and comfortable, come with eyeliner effect. Naturally magnifies both eyes, you can bend to fit the curl of the eye at will to foreign body sensation, very light and thin.

12. P120: High density 3D mink strip lashes

High density and multi-layered lashes, providing seamlessly blended results with your natural lashes for a flirty. Full finish and can keep the fascinating and chic curl all the time.

13. P121: Ultra-thin 3D mink strip lashes

Real mink strip lashes feel more comfortable than synthetic lashes. They are super light-weight and ultra-thin. You even would not feel their weight.

14. P122: Thick hair and thin strip 3D mink strip lashes

Thick hair and thin strip line make the lashes look natural and fluffy, they do not feel heavy on your eyelids.

15. P123: Durable and reusing 3D mink strip lashes

Our 3D mink strip lashes can be reused more than 20 times with proper care, the wearing time is longer than commen false strip lashes. Strong and durable are the characteristics of our 3D mink strip lashes. 

16. P124: Self-contained eyeliner 3D mink strip lashes

Customers need not print mascara cream on eyes by yourself, becasue, the eyelash is Self-contained eyeliner, and it is easy to make up.

17. P125: Best seller 3D mink strip lashes in the Uk and the US.

The lash curl is being made by a special technology, it is durable, can keep for a long time, not easy to deform.

Our customers said our 3D mink strip lash styles are the best seller in Europe and the US. 

18. P126: obvious 3D effect 3D mink strip lashes

The 3D effect is obvious, so natural , which are priority of people that pursuit natural makeup, but if people who are sensitive or sensitive to mink hair, it is better not to choose 3D mink strip lashes.

19. P127: 3D mink strip lashes with convenience and discomfort

The 3D mink strip lashes will blend seamlessly with your own eyelashes, providing maximum convenience when wearing eyelashes and no discomfort. 

20. P128: No harmness 3D mink strip lashes

The 3D mink strip lashes are sanitized and dyed before they are packaged as easy-to-install eyelashes, so customers can feel free to use, no any harm to eyes. 

21. P130: Soft 3D mink strip lashes with luxury look

The full, fluffy appearance provides texture and each lash softly flares towards for a dramatic eye opening effect, which is perfect for achieving a luxurious and striking lash look. 

22. P132: Easy to put on 3D mink strip lashes

The eyelash band is made of cotton, which is totally soft and smooth. You will look like a doll or an attractive women depends on your personality by wearing these mink eyelashes.

23. P133: Exaggerated curl and delicate 3D mink strip lashes

Emeda 3D mink strip lahes make sure that all your lashes strips are knotted by hand to be more unique and delicate. 

Our length is 18-20mm hair, multi-layered, exaggerated curl tips make them as necessary for your Saturday night as your lipgloss.

24. P137: Advanced 3D mink strip lashes

Our 3D mink strip lashes perfectly combined with your own lashes, super natural and advanced. Adds the perfect amont of worthy length and volume, your make up looks more luxury and glam.

25. P138: Varying thickness 3D mink strip lashes

Our 3D mink strip lashe are density,new and upgrated 3D mink strip lashes, deliberately create straight and soigne feeling. 

Multiple layers of hairs with varying thickness and contras.

26. P140: Sporadic and messy 3D mink strip lashes

Our 3D mink strip lashes are sporadic, curled and messy. The 3D mink strip lashes have long lifespan, there are more than 1000 styles can be chosen, the styles are fashionable. It is safe and friendly for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearer. 

27. P141: Fascinating look 3D mink strip lashes

Stunning 3D rendering achiving 3D effects give you the most fascinating look you can imagine. 

Our customers said the 3D mink strip lashes are exquisite gift for girls/ladies. It is the first choice for mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, thanksgiving and Halloween.

28. P142: Amazing 3D mink strip lashes

Our 3D mink strip lashes are lightweight, it is super easy to use again and again. The eyelashes themselves look amazing, you can carry eyelashes with you to go to various venues such as dances, birthdays and parties. 

29. P143: Full of depth and definition 3D mink strip lashes

Our fluffy full 3D mink strip lashes create a lusciously , short look full of depth and definition. 

Comfortable flex-fit band features connects the hair strands to form a strip that ensures secure corners. 

30. Newest technology 3D mink strip lashes

For 3D mink strip lashes, we use newest technology, can sew up to 3 layers. Also, black band need not eyeliner, easy to make your eyes pop. Slender and dense, creating a pair of fluffy cat eyes for you, give you a cloud-like look.


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