Supercharge Your Sales Effort with the Best Telemarketing Services in India

A telemarketing company works by contacting your potential customers on the phone. These services can help your business build and expand your client base and generate sale leads. Find the right telemarketing service company and it can significantly increase the profitability of your sales and marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of using telemarketing services?

Telemarketing services offer you several advantages. In addition to reaching out directly to your potential clients and helping you to grow your clientele, they save your's valuable time and financial resources spent on infrastructure, personnel investments, and technology. Savings affected by outsourcing telemarketing can be used to improve your overall business productivity.

Telemarketing service hiring considerations

telemarketing services in India


Ask your service provider if the telemarketing company is located within or outside of your country. An off-shore service provider is cheaper but may have agents who are not highly proficient in English or may speak with an accent.

Call volume

Some of the service providers have a minimum call volume requirement. Ask them whether your call volume meets that requirement or not. Also, ask about the number of sales representatives that your business needs to accommodate its call volume.

English Speaking Abilities

For offshore services, its necessary to check their English-speaking and comprehension abilities of the offshore service staff.


The staff handling your telemarketing service should have complete knowledge about your business and services.


Call centre representatives should project themselves and the service in a very professional manner. They should be trained to mirror your company’s culture and its business approach.


telemarketing service in India

Integration of technology

Telemarketing service should integrate your in-house computer system with their computer technology.


Different telemarketing service providers have different billing schemes. Ask the service providers if you will be charged per call or per minute. Inquire about the additional set-up costs and check whether it covers travel, training, and scriptwriting.

Experience and track record

Experience is very necessary for the telemarketing industry. Ask your potential providers for references. Check references from their past customers and make sure they are satisfied with the service and if they have noticed any shortcomings.

telemarketing service in India

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