Build a Prospective Career With KIIT


KIIT is a university that offers an inclusive education system to build one’s academic career. They have already announced their admission process. Like every other institute in India, KIIT conducts aptitude test. The aptitude test is to evaluate the ability of a student; this is a screening process. So, if you decide to pursue a particular subject you need to have a basic understanding on that subject. Institute like KIIT will see your affinity towards the subject. The Kalinga Institute of Industrial Training offers a harmonious environment for the students where learning is a priority.

The institute believes that over competitiveness diverts students from learning. So, their objective is to strengthen the base so that students can acquire comprehensive knowledge about a subject. Speaking of courses, KIIT offers a wide range of streams that includes medical, engineering, arts, paramedics, management, architecture, mass communication, commerce, law, design, science, and computer application. They offer bachelors degree, master’s degree as well as research fellowship. Candidates will get diploma on selected subjects.

Under engineering, KIIT offers B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Chemical Technology, and many more. The duration of the course is four years. It is a self-financing institute that offers excellent infrastructure for the students. During the course the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Training offers industrial exposure to the students. According to the institute, building a career includes both theoretical and practical knowledge. KIIT maintains this attitude towards other courses by sending their students in the field.

With 2500 academic research staff the institute offers you an optimum learning experience. They offer advanced library with updated books and study materials, technologically advanced laboratory, class room, and seminar room. For the better understanding of a subject besides examination, conducting seminars are also important. KIIT stresses on all the aspects of learning. Besides field work, KIIT encourages their students for internship and they provide opportunities for internship. According to them, internships are the first step of exposure student can get before placement.


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