Why Proforma Invoice is essential for any Business

Proforma invoice

You can prepare proforma invoices using Invoice Office

Purpose of creating Proforma invoicesPurpose of creating Proforma invoices

The process of Proforma invoices is the streamlining of businesses and sales. After sending the invoice, the customers accept and agree to the price after which you send the goods and services. It helps in creating a good faith for estimating what the customers want and what they are expecting. Some other uses of these invoices are listed as under:

● It is sent for declaring the value of goods and services to the customers for ensuring the smooth delivery process.

Proforma invoice

● Some clients also use it for making any kind of internal purchase approvals. These are most often used for trade exports and import transactions.

Can proforma invoices be used for making payments?

By making these invoices using the Invoice Office, the accounts payable department can be used for issuing payments regarding advance to an actual document. It helps in avoiding any kind of misunderstandings for owing any kind of amount. After completion of the job, proforma invoices also have a reference number that can be added to the standard invoice for avoiding any kind of duplication of payments by the clients.

Benefits of these invoices

● It also serves as a pre-legal binding agreement

● It helps in the inclusion of all relevant and useful information anytime the client wants it

● It helps in tightening of sales to customers

● It helps in taking a great and final step towards sales

● It helps in minimizing errors and checking them

When to use the proforma invoice?

It is the first export document that you will make while making goods and services. It acts as a voluntary document and is used by businesses for exporting purposes. This invoice is made before the sale happens. This is the first document shown by the seller when the purchaser expresses for buying of goods. The final amount is also stated in the pre proforma invoice.


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