My meeting in New York

Two years ago, I came to New York. At that time, I had no acquaintances, not relatives, or anyone else in this city. I only talked with those people who were with me at work. (And I worked a lot then)

And after a year of living in this mode, I began to get tired. I wanted to come home and see that someone was waiting for me there. That he is glad to be back. I could not get a dog, as it needs care. Plus, I lived in a rented apartment. The tenant did not want any animals. Therefore, the option with a pet did not immediately fit.

There I met more than 15 girls. But out of these 15, I found 1, which I am now happy to call my favorite.

We realized that there was something between us from the first date. I liked her smile, and she liked my humor. After the first meeting, we wanted to see each other as soon as possible.

We are now traveling around the country in our mobile home. And tomorrow I want to propose to marry me.

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