Rewardsly Review and Usage Combination

In this Rewardsly review, we would like to show you the best understanding and the combination of the tool comparing with multiple apps online. As you know, we are using a type of customer loyalty product where we send out gift card, giveaway some rewards and create a store to advertise your offers.

So, the best combination should be an app that works for Facebook Ads. After doing some research, we see Postley and Adplify are some of the best bit here

1.Rewardsly Review - Use it First

Before using, i suggest you to connect some external autoresponder app online. It works with major services with API Access Key.

And you can also connect to some webinar service, also through API.

And highly important, you need to integrate the SMTP service in order to send notification for people who sign up for your rewards.

One of the most important feature to focus is about to create your own rewarding store. By default, you have free hosting and license to connect with their subdomain.

But of course, in case you want to run advertisement, you can not use their subdomain, it's bettter to use your custom domain, it's just $10 per year, which is affordable.

And of course, you must also setup the pixel code so that you can run the retargeting ads.

And lastly, just share your site towards your audiences.

Now, you need to create a gift card and a reward to assign into your store.

You can choose either it's a paid version or a free version towards your customer for your customer loyalty program.

And we have the templates to choose. So, you can choose them and then edit with your images, colors and text.

And then set up your message, which will be sent out instantly to your audiences once they have signed up.

2.Rewardsly Review - Use with Postley

To start, you need to integrate your Ad Account. Now, in the next part, you can design your Ad, it can either be the ad images or the ad video.

Then, you need to choose your Ad Targeting Option for the Ad Set. The targeting option can be used by exploring the interest finder.

Then, set your Ad Budget. Remember, your Facebook Ad account must be loaded with Ad Budget.

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