Challenges faced by healthcare logistics in India

logisticslogistics management in pharmaceutical industry

While it is common knowledge that healthcare costs are rising at an alarming rate, the one area where costs can be reduced is in the healthcare supply chain. Logistics accounts for a sizeable portion of the healthcare operations budget. Some of the biggest challenges in healthcare logistics include waste management, storage and inventory management, device maintenance and sanitation, and shipping.

Challenges faced by healthcare logistics in India

· Overnight shipping

· Lack of automation

· Hidden costs

· Inventory shortages or excess stocks

· Data shortage

· Lack of integration

· Physician preferences

Few other concerns faced by the healthcare industry are ever-increasing rules and regulations, supply chain inefficiency, product security and demand for optimal quality of service. By optimizing healthcare logistics in India, the rising costs associated with healthcare can be reduced. In fact, Indian healthcare providers are implementing AI and ML-powered techniques for processing their patients’ data, which helps to create a smoother supply chain operation.

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Logistics management in pharmaceutical industry

Pharma logistics is one of the most important stages of the operations for the pharmaceutical industry as the activities are highly time-sensitive. A majority of medical and healthcare products are derived from biological sources, making them highly sensitive to fluctuations in the weather. In India, due to varying weather conditions, it is important that healthcare products with a short shelf-life are transported and delivered in a safe and reliable manner. Pharmaceutical products need temperature-controlled storage and distribution. 

Important considerations for pharma logistics:

• Protection from contamination

• Managing perishable products

• Maintaining temperature control

• Exceptionally long cycle times

• Maintaining inventory

• Specialized packaging

• Data loggers for temperature control

• Maintaining delivery schedules and meeting deadlines

• Relative humidity indicators (RH)

Logistics challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

pharma logistics services

• Lack of coordination

• Temperature control

• Paper work and administration

• Warehouse management

• Lack of robust cold chain network

In conclusion

logistics management in pharmaceutical industry.


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