The Best Retreat Programs In Rishikesh India

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Here is introducing RISHIKESH YOG SHIKSHA school in Rishikesh, india .

We are offering 8 types of different different retreat programs

1 - Detox Yoga Retreat

2 - Camping Yoga Retreat

3 - Meditation Yoga Retreat

4 - Nature Beach Yoga Retreat

5 - Sightseeing Yoga Retreat

6 - Spiritual Yoga Retreat

7 - Weight Loss Yoga Retreat

8 - Waterfall Yoga Retreat

Note - 40% off , limited seats available so hurry up

WELCOME TO RISHIKESH YOG SHIKSHA YOGA SCHOOL Greeting to All, Rishikesh Yog Shiksha is one of the best yoga training centres which provides the best yoga faculty and facility to the enrolling students and staff. We are experienced and wanted to teach and aware people of Yoga, Meditation, and More about Health and Diet. Yog Shiksha means "Knowledge of Yoga". Our professional teachers have many years of experience and they are capable to teach all Students.
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