What do you know about pineapple? I tell you some curiosities

Pineapple 🍍 is a sour fruit that is very popular all over the world for its taste, aroma and, above all, for its nutritional properties.

I tell you some curiosities 👇


🔸 It is a fleshy fruit that is within the group of acidic fruits, although depending on the maturation it may have a sweet taste.

🔸 The pineapple 🍍 is native to South America. It is believed that it comes from regions of the countries of Brazil and Paraguay.

🔸 It is said that it was Christopher Columbus himself who brought her to Spain from the Island of Guadalupe in Brazil.

🔸 It is known as a pineapple due to its similarity to the fruit of the pine tree.

🔸 The main producers are Costa Rica, Brazil and the Philippines.


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