The Evolution of Our Good Ol’ Glass Cabinets

Glass display cases

Cabinets, when first used, were designed specially to store mostly stationeries and papers. People then began to use it as a place to write too. This led to the designing and manufacturing of another type of cabinet that the bureaux and secretaries made popular.

Slowly the modern-day cabinet was born. Previously as a front-open chest placed atop a table or another chest, and later on its own legs.

While the early cabinets or retail displays were made to mount on a stand, the later ones included a lesser storage space, which could be accessed from the front doors, drawers, and drawers hidden behind the doors.

How Important Has Cabinets Grown to Be Over the Years?

Glass display cases have always been important pieces of furniture, because of its precious contents. Slowly afterwards, the best craftmanship in the town was included to the glass cabinets in form of marquetry, veneering, carving which resulted to unique, artistic cabinets. Cabinets grew in size, often taking up bigger spaces and became quite often, the central piece of furniture in a room. Because of these intricate artworks, the cabinetmakers became the most highly regarded woodworkers.

But as years have passed, the term ‘cabinetmaker’ has lost its charm and importance.

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