SEO or Online Advertising: Two different Approaches

Choosing between SEO and online advertising is therefore not an effective strategy. Indeed, it comes down to choosing between short and long term.

As you know, a good marketing strategy must:

Give solid results over the long term,

But also generate sales and turnover in the short term.

Indeed, it is often a question of survival of the activity.

Doing only the long term is a luxury that many entrepreneurs cannot afford.

Likewise, being dependent on paid traffic from online advertising is not sustainable. Indeed, the acquisition cost is generally high.

Choosing between SEO and online advertising is therefore a major strategic mistake in Digital Marketing in most cases like guest posting redleos(.)com/guest-post-services/.

They are in fact rather 2 complementary activities.

On the one hand, you are working on the foundations of your online presence, your presence on search engines and your ability to generate traffic naturally and for free on your site ...

… On the other hand, you get results, sales, customer stories and experience immediately. this way, your business runs, even if it costs quite a bit, which may not be sustainable over time.

Online advertising is obviously not just for new businesses. But in the context of the creation of an activity, it is a formidable weapon to use wisely.

What if your budget doesn't allow it?

Finally, there is also the case of the very small budget.

If your business is just starting out and you don't have a sufficient marketing budget, then it's best to make a real choice between SEO and online advertising even advertisment via explainer video or promo video redleos(.)com/video-production-services/.

Why ?

It is always better to focus on a given topic rather than running several hares at once. There is a learning curve before you get your first results. And you had better reach it as quickly as possible.

And now it's up to you to choose between SEO or online advertising, between short and long term, between testing an opportunity quickly or building it… it all depends on your project and your time horizons!

Audrey: Thank you Ryan for having enlightened us on the different alternatives between SEO and online advertising. Allow me to add that while the results are immediate with advertising campaigns, it is also true when you stop investing. In this case, you immediately experience a drop in traffic and therefore in turnover.

Conclusion on the dilemma between SEO and online advertising

To summarize the point and conclude on the subject of the choice between SEO or online advertising, I would say in summary that the 2 are perfectly complementary:

With SEO, you work on a natural and free acquisition of your visitors which will ensure qualified, consistent and permanent traffic,

With online advertising campaigns, these short-term actions generate traffic immediately and increase your brand visibility very quickly (from launch). On the other hand, this requires a much higher acquisition cost.

The best Marketing strategy is therefore to combine these 2 levers. Indeed, in general, combining the short with the long term is often the healthiest approach.

And for those who believe in an impact of Google Ads campaigns on your SEO , I can tell you, no.

Is Organic Traffic Through Google Really Free?

Yes and no. The natural traffic from Google is certainly free. Indeed, you do not pay for each click or to be well positioned. On the other hand, it is necessary to be well positioned on the results of Google to receive traffic. Working on your SEO and moving up in Google rankings is a complex job often requiring a specialist to implement the necessary actions. This obviously comes at a cost. But this expense is largely covered by the increased traffic and sales that it generates. As an entrepreneur, it is obviously your role to ensure the profitability of the operation. So it's not free. But when it's done well, it's very profitable ...

When should you launch your SEO campaigns?

As soon as you set up your activity and your sales site. SEO is a complex, changing field and the results take a long time to come, that's why you have to take action as soon as possible. It is like a tree that you plant, it takes time before it starts to bear fruit. On the other hand, once it has reached its adult size, it will give you generous harvests over time!

Should you continue to advertise online if your business is already well established?

Yes, because it is essential for a company to continue to recruit new customers and improve its visibility. Online advertising is also perfectly suited to highlight a promotion or a one-off offer. And you have to do it, unless you call yourself Apple. Indeed, SEO is by nature slow to set up, if your exceptional offer lasts all year round as we sometimes see, you are only wearing down its effect and weakening its strength.

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