What Does A Professional Dental Cleaning Involve?

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At the dental cleanup visit, the doctor will examine the teeth and the gums and address your issues and also provide a deep cleaning of your entire mouth so that you can maintain better oral hygiene. If you haven’t had a professional dental cleanup then here is what is done in a cleanup.

Dental Examination

Physical examination is the first step of the dental cleanup procedure. Before the doctor begins the dental cleanup process, they will first assess your entire mouth. They will use a small mirror that is used to check inside the mirror and they will look for signs of swollen gums or any other potential problems. If they find any major issue that might hinder the cleanup, they will address it first and then move on to cleaning.

Remove Tartar And Plaque

Next, the dentist will use a scalar to get rid of the tartar and plaque that have deposited around the line of your gum and in between the teeth. The more the tartar the more time it will take to clean it out and you might hear a scraping noise while the doctor is removing tartar but it’s okay. Regular brushing and flossing are recommended to prevent the plaque from depositing and hardening into the tartar. Once the plaque hardens into tartar, you will need to visit the dentist to have it removed.

Toothpaste Cleanup

Once the plaque and tartar are removed, the doctor will use a high-powered electric toothbrush to clean your teeth. This is done to remove any remaining plaque or tartar that hasn’t been removed by the scalar. The toothbrush might make a grinding noise but it’s okay. The doctor will use a medical-grade toothpaste that has a gritty consistency to clean the teeth. These teeth scrub is recommended to be done twice a year by a dental care professional. If you try to do this by yourself, you might wear down the enamel layer in your teeth.


Even if you regularly floss at your home, the dentist can get deeper between your teeth to find probable troubled areas in the gum that are prone to bleeding. Professional flossing also removes the built-up plaque and toothpaste that isn’t normally removed by flossing at home. After the flossing is done the doctor will ask you to rinse your mouth to get rid of any debris that might have deposited after the previous cleanup steps have been performed. The rinsing solution includes liquid fluoride.

Fluoride Treatment

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Other Probable Steps

Sometimes the doctor may also conduct a teeth X-ray along with thhe dental examination depending on what the doctor wants to observe inside your mouth. For children, the dentist might use molar sealants to prevent any cavities in the areas that a toothbrush can’t reach. When you visit the dentist, they will recommend if you need any additional steps and it is recommended to visit the dentist twice every year for a professional dental cleanup

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