Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

When you’re heading out for work in the morning, the last thing on your mind may be eating a healthy breakfast. Stopping at a doughnut shop or fast-food restaurant is an easy fix when you’re pressed for time. However, quick ready-to-eat meals are often overloaded with sugar, salt and high levels of fat. You can prepare fast, healthy meals at your home in the morning, or you can make some of your meals the night before work. The following sections examine some of the healthy breakfast items that you can prepare to provide lasting energy for your hectic workday.


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Granola and Yogurt

Another quick breakfast meal that you can easily prepare at home is yogurt mixed with granola. Granola provides carbohydrates and fiber, and yogurt is packed with nutrients, protein and healthy probiotics. Since yogurt has become more popular in the last twenty years, you have several options when you visit the grocery store. Look for brands that only use natural ingredients, and if you’re watching your weight, you can buy plain yogurt and add the fruit and toppings yourself. Read the yogurt labels carefully, and you may notice that some of the fruit flavors are also full of sugar and preservatives.


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Banana Bread

Banana bread has recently become favored by home chefs across the country, and you can find several recipes online that add chocolate, caramel and coconut. Although some of the more creative versions of banana bread are delicious, they’re not always suited for a healthy breakfast. Many of the recipes use nearly a whole stick of butter and two cups of sugar, but you can cut the sugar in half and substitute brown sugar for granulated sugar. You can use vegetable oil instead of butter, and you can use skim milk instead of whole milk for a healthy alternative.

Finding a healthy breakfast when you’re short on time can be challenging. With the previous suggestions, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast without sacrificing your time.

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