Intro to me: @MinYoonjie

Sup. Names Lawanda, but I'd rather u call me Vye or Yoonjie. My Weverse username is@BabyYoonji, my fave K-Pop group is BTS, my bias is Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D, my Korean age is 20, my international age is 18, I'm 5'2 1/4ft (162cm) (1.62m), I love to sleep, I love taking naps, I'm married to my bed, I hate the color pink or wearing anything girly, and just like Yoongi Oppa, I don't like people. Oh, and one more thing, don't get on my bad side, you'll regret it. Let's just say, I'm a female version of Min Yoongi and leave it at that. Kay bye.

Sup. Names Lawanda, but I prefer you call me Vye or Yoonjie. I like BTS, Agust D, Suga, Sleep, taking naps, music, rap, hip-hop, my fave color is black, and Like Yoongi Oppa, I don't like people. Oh, and don't mess with me...You'll regret it. Thxs bye.
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