What Is Your Fave Yoongi Hair Color?

Ok, what is your favorite hair color on Yoongi? Comment down below which one you love the most. Mine is Black, Platinum Blonde, and Red~~oof 😍😍😍

1. Mint Green

2. Platinum Blonde

3. Black

4. Blonde

5. Pink

6. Blue

7. Wine Red/ Burgundy

9. Brown

10. Orange

11. Gray/Silver

Sup. Names Lawanda, but I prefer you call me Vye or Yoonjie. I like BTS, Agust D, Suga, Sleep, taking naps, music, rap, hip-hop, my fave color is black, and Like Yoongi Oppa, I don't like people. Oh, and don't mess with me...You'll regret it. Thxs bye.
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