Quality Air to Inhale

Outdoor air quality is receiving a lot of interest in the burgeoning social concern for more environmentally sustainable ways of doing industry, transportation, and all facets of everyday life. This is particularly valid in some of the world's most crowded cities, where air quality advisories are provided to protect people's health. What most people don't know is that the greatest risks to air quality in the majority of the developed world are indoors, not outside. In reality, the air quality inside many homes is worse than the air outside.

There are a variety of causes for poor interior air quality. The air we breathe may be contaminated by dust, radon, mildew, mold, and a variety of other chemical and biological toxins. Internal pollution, unlike outside air, is not readily dispersed, and toxins may build up in concentration, posing a serious health risk. The reality is that, although air filters are beneficial, they are often insufficient to avoid disease caused by inadequate air quality.

The countless potential microscopic risks that may impair the wellbeing of a house's occupants, on the other hand, often go overlooked before severe symptoms appear. Since the pollutants are not visible, they are frequently overlooked. Many families are unaware that the air they breathe every day can pose a health risk due to a lack of routine quality inspection, especially for mold.

Home inspectors

Home inspectors are often familiar with the most important sources of air pollution in modern buildings. This enables them to not only determine a home's air pollution issue, but also to locate and classify the precise causes of unhealthy air pollutants. This is clearly an advantage that D.I.Y. test kits cannot have.

Home inspectors may educate homeowners about how to better remove and avoid air pollution based on their expertise and understanding of airborne pollutants. A successful home inspector will take the resident on a tour of the house, pointing out trouble areas and suggesting solutions. They will even figure out where the right places are for important protection equipment like carbon monoxide detectors.

Home inspectors are the most thorough way of finding, correcting, and removing air pollution issues in a home. They have a degree of thoroughness and experience that home test kits cannot match. Home testers are the safest way to protect a household from allergens, suspected bacteria, and contaminants that may be going about in the air circulated in the house. Home inspection and quality management, including medical operations or court trials, are far best left in the hands of a trained and competent specialist.

Simon Air Quality is a service based company that focuses on indoor air quality and everything that pertains to indoor air quality - contaminants, toxins, pollution, emissions, VOCs, allergens, gases, etc. At Simon Air Quality, we have the tools and equipment required to accurately and efficiently examine indoor environments to find the cause of poor air quality. Radon measurement and radon mitigation can be done for anyone concerned about the radon concentration in their home. Our technicians and experts are fully certified and insured. To reduce the radon in any home, the best method is called active sub-slab depressurization - this is where we install a ventilation system that is capable of drawing on all the radon from the ground beneath the house and then expelling it to the outside so that it doesn't enter the building. Radon experts at Simon Air Quality have the knowledge necessary to properly diagnose/examine any home or basement in order to determine the necessary sizes, feasibility, location, routing, and fan power included in the design of the system. This professional company doesn't just provide services pertaining to indoor air quality, but we also provide many various appliances and devices that help to monitor and/or improve your indoor air quality. Whatever your concern is, our technicians will be there quickly to assess the situation and provide solutions.
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