An Insight Into The Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric bypass

Who's a Gastric Sleeve Candidate?

1. patients whose BMI is over 40 or have over 35 BMIs and medical conditions due to obesity, 1.

2. Who is ready for Gastric bypass the surgical procedure to gain targeted weight 3. Who is prepared to change a new way of life and eat habits 4. Who has attempted, but has not achieved desired results, to lose weight with other procedures are suited to gastric sleeve surgery.

What is the treatment for the gastric sleeve?

weight loss surgery

Procedure for gastric sleeve surgery

The procedure removes about Gastric bypass 80 per cent of the stomach through very small incisions across the abdomen. It uses small weight loss surgery monitoring devices that offer the surgeon complete control of precision and protection. The stomach capacity is reduced; the Ghrelin hunger hormone is also eliminated.

The action of gastric sleeve

gastric sleeve

Gastric Sleeve Rehabilitation

A gastric sleeve is an operation requiring proper sutures and incisions; therefore, adequate care and attention are required for the recovery period. Your weight loss surgery surgeon will send the post-op orders, and they should be carefully followed. It is very effective for the smooth recovery that the procedure is done laparoscopically. Pain is very common for the first few days; it can go with nausea.

Weight reduction surgery services and aftercare

The high quality and complete care they get during the recovery journey are among the main reasons why foreign patients prefer Turkey for their obesity procedures.

Obesity operations are typically available at Turkish package prices; these packages provide all the facilities that patients can need during and after weight loss operation trips. The kit specifics normally include transportation, transfers to the airport and the city, meals, consultations before operations, face-to-face, online check-ups, multilingual 24-hour personal assistant, medicines needed and post-op nutrition plans.

The inclusion and consistency of the kit for weight-loss operations in various clinics can differ. Mono Obesity Surgery offers patients the most seamless and convenient hospital trips with all-inclusive and high-quality package facilities. Although aftercare services are not typically included in the bill in many other countries, international patients choosing Turkey for their weight-loss surgeries are among the most important items.

Turkish affordable surgical obesity prices

Obesity surgery rates in Turkey are the world's most competitive prices for care. The treatment rates in Turkey are very low for several reasons, one of them being low labour costs. Labour costs are much lower in Turkey than in many other countries, which has an important effect on foreign patient rates for medical care.


The low daily cost of living is another cause, as this factor significantly influences the package specifics of the treatments. The low daily living costs are also very significant in terms of the cost of care.

In addition to these variations in the currency, Turkey will deliver the most competitive weight-loss operations rates to foreign patients without lowering the quality requirements by taking advantage of local manufacturers to minimize medical appliances' shipping costs.

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