One of the best rolling shutter suppliers in Dubai – Bin Dasmal Doors

Rolling shutter doors are used for the safety and security of buildings. These are popular in industrial (warehouses and factories) and commercial buildings. The design of the rolling shutters is such that they are vertical sliding doors made with coiling metal. They are also known as coiling metal door barriers. The shutters are lowered to close the door and raised upwards to open. They are placed in front of the main door that is used during the time the premises is open. They are sectional overhead doors with numerous horizontal slats hinged together.

These doors helps to maintain temperature and proper insulation within the premises. The panels are insulated. They are designed to absorb the heat within the panel and give warm air when required. This is energy efficient as it saves energy.

The parts of the doors are the bottom bar, hood cover barrel assembly, side guides, horizontal salts, shutter spring, shutter box and lock. They are single skin and insulated.

The rolling shutter doors helps to provide a barrier to unauthorized entries and any possible break-ins. Aluminum, regular steel or stainless steel can be used for manufacturing these doors. They can be both fire-rated and non-fire-rated. Rolling shutters can be operated manually (smaller rolling shutter doors) and even automatically electrically with a small electrical tubular motor (for bigger size rolling shutters).

Bin Dasmal Doors represents some global leading brands like Wayne Dalton, Duodex, Accessa, Bolton Gate etc.

rolling shutter doors suppliers in the UAE

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