The Pelvic Tuck - Safety Tips for Barre Practice

It is so important to pay attention to moves that deal with your spine. These tips for the Pelvic Tuck are great to keep in mind for any move similar to this. "The Pelvic Tuck “Do’s” Less is more: This is a tiny movement that is barely visible Find your neutral first. Stand in front of a mirror sideways. Rock your weight forward towards the balls of your feet and stand tall. Your hip bones will be directly above your pubic bone creating a vertical line. Your effective Pelvic Tuck position is not too far from your neutral. Movement comes from muscle activation, a balance of abdominal, inner core and gluteal activation. From your neutral position. Exhale and pull abs in and up while lifting through the pelvic floor. Feel a very slight tipping up of the pubic bone with lower abdominal engagement. Released and comfortable position of the lower back, hips and pelvis. Keep abdominals and pelvic floor engaged and release any tension in low back, hips and pelvis. Stop if you feel back tension. Lengthen your spine, reaching your tail bone away from the crown of your head. Think about your feet pressing firmly through the floor as you reach the crown of your head to the sky. This “opposition” helps you feel the muscle activation in the front and back of your body that is an essential foundation of the Pelvic Tuck. Engage pelvic floor, low abs, and inner core muscles in the front of your body. Think “abs in and up.” Hug sits bones in your lower glutes . Balancing the muscles in front and back of your body creates a safe and effective pelvic tuck. The Pelvic “Don’ts” Please- no clenching! Activate gluteal muscles firmly without squeezing. Don’t over tuck your Pelvis. This creates tight hip flexors and can damage your low back. Bottom line: If it’s hurting your lower back or hips, recheck your position Focus on your “Dos” and you’ll be well along the path to get the most out of your workout."

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