Wedding Band vs DJ (Which Is Better?)

We love both bands and DJs and think there is a place for both of them to create an awesome party for any wedding or event.

But if you only have the budget or space for one of them, which are you supposed to choose?

Your Budget

band or a DJ for a wedding

Of course, DJs are usually solo performers and would command a much lower fee than a larger group of musicians.

Wedding Venue Space

If space is an issue, a DJ could also be the optimal choice.

Their set up is usually much smaller and easier to fit in at most wedding venues. However, a full band set up can look incredible if you have the space for it.

It really is a spectacle to see a band set up properly and decked out with guitars, drums, speakers and microphones! A scene like this creates a buzz in the room and gets your guests ready for a party.

Sound Limiter Friendly

These devices are becoming more and more common across wedding venues around the UK.

wedding venue sound limiter

DJs are able to alter the volume of their entertainment much easier than a live band. Some wedding bands can work with sound limiters by performing with electric drum kits and different instruments, but it can have a negative effect on the energy of the performance. It's worth checking with your venue what the sound limit is set to before making your decision!

Song Requests

Another plus for the DJ column is the ability to deal with almost any song requests.

The repertoire of a DJ is huge compared to that of a band. This is great if you are wanting a really wide variety of songs to dance to on your wedding night.

Whilst a band can only play a certain amount of songs live, it is absolutely incredible to hear them performed by talented musicians.

If you have a first dance request or a special song you'd love to hear on your wedding night, hearing it sung by live musicians makes that moment even more special!

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