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MVP Vietnam proudly presents a large range of Apartments, Villas, and houses for rent in Da Nang and Hoi An.

🎠Location: Be Le market, HoiAna, the beaches

🎠Close to minimarts, the local market, a short ride to the city centre, not far from the beach.

🎠Area: 40 m2;

🎠Fully furnished.

🎠Bright rooms, balcony, big bright windows, spacious, cosy.

🎠Brand new furniture; jungle view, bay view, pet-friendly, nice landlord, appliances with inverter technology, washing-machine; A/C units; double-stove cooker, electric oven.

🎠Swimming pool/ drinking water filter. no construction nearby

🎠 Vintage one bedrooms apartment in Cam Thanh, this one is situated in Ecotourism Bay Mau Jungle, from there you can enjoy the beautiful view of the jungle, the dawn from the sea. It is quiet at all the time and breeze; this is the best option for who want to love near-natural. This apartment is fully furnished with many modern furniture and a good-sized of the kitchen. There are many lodges right on the lake in front of the building for your relaxing. You will have a great time when staying in these apartments.

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