What hobbies should young people cultivate

So far I have studied calligraphy, children's painting, Latin dance, vocal music, Chinese painting, clarinet... I am 23 this year.

But none of these are of interest to me. My parents asked me to learn to develop my interests. However, I came into contact with the gym because of fat loss, so after graduating from university, I lost a lot of things in the textbooks, but I didn’t lose my habit of running and training equipment.

As long as I feel comfortable and the weather is clear, I will go for a run. Don’t run 8-10 kilometers a day. It felt like a waste of life; when I really couldn't run, I walked alone from Hong Kong's Western District to Central to watch a movie, and then walked back. Many people have asked me how persevering I am running every day, but I think it’s just as common as brushing my teeth.

There are two other hobbies that I stick to. One is watching movies and the other is reading. Of course, it has something to do with my profession, but I particularly like the feeling of sitting alone and reading a book in the afternoon.

I have taught myself astrology, photography, and Japanese, but it seems unsuccessful.

After the Spring Festival, I went back to school to learn Cantonese and picked up Japanese again in the next semester. Anyway, I think that no matter how old you are in this life, you can't lose your learning. You have to keep expanding your life in all directions.

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