Green sustainable strategies in Indian Logistics and Supply Chain industry

Sustainability is emerging as a salient concept with increasing importance and is soon becoming a strategic issue for the Indian logistics sector; given that logistics forms a core element in any enterprise activity. At a time when the adverse environmental impacts of transportation have gained wide recognition and are at the apex of sustainability issues, especially in urban areas, Green logistics has gained high traction due to the importance that is being attached to the preservation of the environment. Today many companies in the logistics arena are adapting a green transport system in order to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, promote social harmony, save transportation costs and measure and minimize the ecological impacts of their activities. In the process of establishing a system of green logistics, they are setting the basis for the entire green logistics system.


Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generation; it includes three elements i.e. the environment, the economy and the society. Logistics facilitates in getting goods and services to the user or the customer as when they are needed or desired. The procedure involves planning, implementing and controlling the raw materials and the finished goods in a cost effective and efficient manner from the point of origin to the point of consumption. When businesses incorporate these daily business operations and decision making process with their environmental management practices, it gives rise to green logistics.

A proven source of carbon emissions, conventional transport vehicles constitutes (constitute) nearly 30% of particulate pollution in metros, generate noise pollution, render a negative impact on the local air quality and make a high-magnitude input to global warming. The basic reasons why Indian logistics units should switch to green sustainable strategies for their business are to-Manage degrading effects on the environment Improve the quality and efficiency of services, products, processes and supplies. Differentiate products from those of the competitors Increase consumer awareness on sustainability and social responsibility towards the environment

Some green sustainable strategies that can be applied in the current Indian logistics and supply chain setup are-

Green purchasing

Green production

Green transportation

Green packaging– Also referred to as ecological packaging, it values human as well as animal health and uses recycled materials made of natural plant materials. This particular sustainable strategy can affect performance and efficiency all through the supply chain process right from planning to customer delivery.

Reverse logistics

Indian logistics and supply chain industry

Green logistics


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