Consider These Changes When Remodeling the Bathroom

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Consider making one or more of these important improvements to increase the efficiency, storage, and comfort of your bathroom if you're doing a bathroom remodel this year.

A Toilet with a Low-Flow, Hidden-Tank Design

Hidden containers, in which the water holding vessel is placed within the wall, have a number of advantages. They're worth thinking about if you're remodeling a bathroom, particularly if it's a tiny one where the design will help save space. A pressure valve is used in another kind of tankless toilet, which is commonly used in industrial environments or public restrooms. These are also viable alternatives, but they are loud and seem to give a bathroom an industrial feel.

Shower floor with tiny, textured tiles

During your bathroom remodel, you'll have a lot of flooring, curtain, and tile options. The tiling of your shower's floor is the most essential for protection.

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Set up a Tub

Very many people install a tub in their bathroom just because they "can." A bathtub, on the other hand, isn't always necessary, particularly if you don't take baths. While some real estate experts still contend that a bathroom with a tub is more appealing to potential customers than one with just a shower, this is no longer the case for today's buyers. Of course, if you have a big toilet, you can actually get both in without too much difficulty. However, if you do pick, always go for what is more practical for you at this moment, which could necessitate omitting the bathtub from your plans.

Incorporate a Shower Window

The humidity that is stuck in the space due to poor or inadequate ventilation is one of the greatest enemies of a clean bathroom. Despite the fact that a good bathroom fan can help, natural ventilation is still the better option.

Install a Medicine Cabinet in the Recessed Area

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