What is the Best Gravity Based Water Purifier?

Are you looking for the best non electric water purifier? But do all these different brands in the market confuse you? Well! Then you have come to the right place as all your confusion will be cleared.

There are many numbers of areas in India that don’t have access to clean water. Despite having a water treatment plant in many areas, the quality of drinking water is at par with the recommended standards. Clean water for consumption is vital for life. You can survive without food for a month, but you can live hardly more than two days without clean drinking water.

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier in India 2021

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1. HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23-Litre Gravity Water Purifier

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The germ-kill kit helps by removing germs, bacteria from water, and it will also indicate when required to change. The virus removal technology, which is built in purifier, removes one crore virus in one liter of water. It is also made of high-quality unbreakable plastic, and the purifier comes with six months of warranty. This filter is also certified by EPA.


a) The life of a germ-kill kit is estimated to be around 1500 liters, and the new kit costs only Rs. 500 and since the water is purified without electricity, it makes this product highly economical.

b) It needs cleaning only once a month.

c) It also comes with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty.

d) There is no installation cost or process of installation. Just place it on the spot that you like and start using it.

e) It doesn’t need a tap connection.


a) There is no provision for wall hanging.

b) No auto-fill provision too.

c) It is not suitable for hard and salty water. It only suits soft or municipal water.

d) You must pour water in the upper chamber, and it gets purified and collected in the transparent lower chamber. However, it is required to keep an inch of space empty in the lower chamber. If that is not achieved, then with the continuous pouring of water in the upper chamber, the lower chamber will start leaking from the sides.

2. HUL Pureit Advanced 23 Litre Gravity Water Purifier

This HUL Pureit Advanced water purifier is protected with a double layer, which helps to deliver pure water for drinking, and the capacity of the purifier is 23 liters. The purifier is also designed to function under gravity and without the use of electricity. It also helps to remove one crore virus from one liter of water; it also has an auto shut-off facility that saves water.

The body of the purifier is made of unbreakable high-quality plastic. The purifier also functions with a four-stage purification process like Pre-programmed germ kill processor, advanced microfibre mesh, carbon polisher, and micro-charges membrane.

The micro charge membrane that is present in the purifier does double purification in order to remove impurities. The activated carbon trap helps by removing pesticides and bad odor from water. Last but not the least, the germ-kill kit helps remove microorganisms and indicates when required to change.


a) This non electric water filter is easy to assemble and maintain with an instruction manual for the same is supplied along with it.

b) Water is purified without using any harmful chemicals.

c) The taste of water is well-maintained with no odor.


a) It requires carbon polisher and the mesh to be cleaned frequently every week to get the best water quality.

b) It is suitable only for municipal or soft water and is not meant for hard water or water that contains toxic salts.

c) It requires the pouring of water manually.

d)If you use muddy water, it will choke up the filter fast and reduce its efficiency and life.

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