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About CSA Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines (CSA) is the national airline of the Czech Republic. The airline is based at Václav Havel Airport Prague in Ruzyně, Prague. CSA has been a member of SkyTeam since 2001 and operates scheduled flights to 85 destinations in 35 countries (including codeshare agreements).


The domestic destinations the airline flies to is Czech Republic (Prague). International routes include flights to Iceland, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Finland, Greece, Lebanon, Mexico, Malta, Latvia, Denmark, Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Vietnam, Sweden, USA and France.,

Economy Class

This airline has a standard economy class, where passengers can choose to travel in comfort at a great price. Within the economy class, there are 3 different package types that you can use to customize

In the LITE package, passengers can choose to fly cheaply and only pay for what they want. This fare includes cabin baggage only and no checked baggage. If passengers would like to select their seats or add checked baggage, they can do so by purchasing these options.

PLUS Package

The PLUS package includes the cabin baggage that is included in the LITE, which is added to a small personal item, 1 piece of checked baggage plus the option to select a seat.

FLEX Package

In the economy flex package, passengers get everything they need for a great flight. Passengers have all the cabin and checked baggage included in the PLUS, with the advantage of having a flexible ticket that allows changes to the departure or arrival dates for the fare difference only, and with a small fee for the option of canceling a ticket. In addition, onboard, passengers will receive the SkyPriority service and light snacks during the flight.

You can stay entertained onboard with CSA Czech Airline's in-flight entertainment, 'mywings' magazines, meals, and beverages on medium and long-haul flights. Passengers on a short-haul flight can order hot or cold meals in advance. Throughout the flight on the Airbus A330, you can keep updated with the flight information through personal inflight screens. Short-haul flights on the other hand do not provide in-flight entertainment.

Business Class

Business Class on this airline provides a luxurious flight with additions that make your flight more comfortable. There are two ticket fare options to choose from when flying in business. The details of which can be found here:


Passengers can experience maximum comfort in this premium class, with fully flexible tickets, comfier and roomier seats, with premium drinks and food served on board by the friendly and attentive cabin crew.


In business lite, passengers can enjoy the premium travel experience, without the extra flexibility that the business package provides. This is ideal for passengers who are sure of their travel dates and will not want to make any changes, so wish to keep the cost down of their premium tickets.

You have the option to pay in cash or with your Card for food and hot and cold beverages on board. You can stay entertained on board with CSA Czech Airline's in-flight magazines, 'my wings. On long-haul flights, there are flat-beds provided in business class as well as free meals and snacks.

Czech Airlines Cancellation Policy

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