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As the restrictions on travelling were lifted over a due course of time I decided on a solo trek to the Himalayas and also decided to stay at some nice place to work from there. Our company had decided for us to work from home. So I thought why not to work from hills. Decided to buy myself a nice laptop bag and a very elegant backpack for myself. I was told that both these bags should be made from nylon that makes the bags light weighted and also waterproof and durable. As a solo traveller, I decided that these two bags are going to be my companion for the rest of my trip and subsequent trip, therefore why not to buy something that is long lasting, stylish and versatile.

For my laptop, I chose from many a bags but my choice ended up buying a Laptop bag from Acer. The bag that I chose was black in color and looked very stylish. The Acer bag had multiple padded compartments to keep my Laptop safe and also small and large compartments to keep other important accessories like the cable, external storage etc. Safe. Other than that the padded compartment for the laptop extended and scratch free and impact free safety of my most important friend that’s my laptop. My most of the journey was by road specially by bus, I had to be even more cautious with my stuff. I think I made the right choice by buying the bag from Acer. My bag was very spacious and had padded straps too that gave me a comfortable feeling when it came to hanging it on my shoulders. My neck and shoulders had maximum comfort and ease while travelling.

As for my backpacks for women I decided to buy a very spacious bright coloured rucksack with internal frames which I decided to keep optional. I had never travelled with bags with internal frames. My choice with the backpack was a one from Decathlon. It was Kipsta from Decathalon which was a unisex solid grey and black coloured stylish bag. This was really a large sized bag that could hold most of my stuff. It had one padded compartment and had side pockets too.

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The choice of color was good as it did not really attracted dust from outside and that it could be cleaned by using a wet cloth/wipe. Not many people buy the bag with such colors. I bought it because I wanted my pack to be easily distinguishable from other bags and also I wanted my bag to be safe from the evil designs of the small time bag lifters. The shoulder straps were wide so that maximum comfort to be obtained and that they were long lasting too! The design of the bag could make the other people envious about the one that I was carrying. It was just because of design and the texture that made my Backpack for women something different with the league. I can proudly pronounce that this was the best backpack that I had ever got in my life.

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