Why Cats Love To Chew Objects

Just like puppies, some cats are fond of chewing objects. Unfortunately, this habit has its risks. Understanding the habit and undertaking measures to prevent it can go a long way in keeping your pet safe.

Objects that have specific textures are more likely to be chewed by adult cats. This attraction might start as a result of pure curiosity. It could be a chew toy or a puzzle toy after it was filled or covered with treats or catnip. Because some can be more adventurous, they tend to continue biting or licking items even after the treats have been consumed, more so when they like the taste of the treat or when the toy gives off a funny sound. Grocery bags made of plastic might also be attractive to cats since the coating tend to have a sweet taste.

When an adult cat is suffering from toothache or other dental issues, she may resort to chewing objects to try to ease off the pain and discomfort.

sign of illness

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