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The medication comes in the dosing of:

Soma 250mg

Soma 350mg

How long does Soma take to work?

Buy Soma online for its quick action onset; it begins to work within 30 minutes after administration, and its effects last for about 4-6 hours.

How long does Soma last?

Although Soma effects wear off in 6 hours, the medicine still stays in the body for a long time. If you want to measure how long the medication stays in the body, you should use a half-life formula.

The half-life of medicine means how long the body takes to remove half a dose from the body. Soma 350mg half-life varies between 1-3 hours; for an average user, the medicine’s average half-life is about 2 hours. It will take around 11 hours for the medicine to leave the body altogether.

How to use Soma?

Buy Soma online and read the medication guide given by the doctor.


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