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When you are looking to share a document, converting to PDF is the best thing to do. Not only does PDF make your document look professional, it also helps display your document just as you want it. PDF has been a standard for thirteen years now, and just about any modern browser will conveniently help you view PDF files. You can create your document in whatever font you want, without worrying about if the recipient has it already installed on their computer.

Though the newer versions of Microsoft word can help you convert your word document to PDF. However, there are still some limitations. For instance, if you want to perform batch conversions, or you would love to edit your PDF after conversion, you need a PDF editor that can convert word documents to PDF files.

Several tools have been created to perform these functions, these are;

· Soda PDF

Soda PDF does more than converting word document. It is one of the few PDF software that are up there with Adobe Acrobat Pro reader. It has amazing features, which allows you to convert between an extensive lists of file formats and also edit your PDF. Once you purchase the license, you get access to both the online editor and the offline desktop app. For the payment, you can either pay once, or buy a monthly or yearly plan. There is also the availability of business plans.

· PhantomPDF

This is the all-in-one word to PDF converter, which also does well in the function of editing. Created by a company named FOXIT, this tool is just as power as the Adobe PDF reader. Nothing only will you be able to convert your files, you also get access to additional settings upon conversion. Though, one major downside to the use of this software is that you can’t use a single license across several devices. Also, the online version of it is slightly different from the desktop offline version of the app.

· PDFElement

This software is created by Wondersshare that’s also known for their video editing software. This software supports all of microsoft’s office formats and can help with the conversion of a wide range of files and image types. One of the major feature of this app is the bulk converting it allows. It also makes it possible to combine several word documents into a single PDF file. Though, there are still some bugs that make large bulk-conversions a little too much for the software to handle.

· Nitro Pro

This is a desktop-only app. It is designed to help with PDF conversions from Microsoft office files, WordPerfect, HTML and even Images. If you are looking to perform bulk conversion, this is the best tool out there. This software has no problem handling such large conversions. Though, it is not so intuitive, you need to really know your way around the software to get things done.

· SmallPDF

This is a really simple to use app, and you get a desktop version of it if you purchase a Pro package. This is the best possible choice if all you need to is to carry out minor conversions. To get the full features unlocked, you need to pay for the pro version. The basic features are free.


There are so many word to PDF converters out there, other than Microsoft Word. Just as there are numerous PDF to word converters. These tools provide you with more features than you will get from both MS Word and Adobe, which is why getting them is a good idea. The flexibility and control they offer is unmatched.

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