Shopicoin ICO Started

Shopicoin ICO Started

ShopCoin (SPC) is a cryptocurrency . Shopicoin - endorsing the future of true trading with ICO and IEO. Provides 2% Direct referral rewards in Ethereum & 50% Matching level income in Ethereum.

Features of Shopi coin

Crypto Exchange : Shopicoin can be exchanged for fiat money/digital currencies/ more established cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Technology : Shopicoin will be based on ERC 20 standard Ethereum-based public blockchain technology.

Shopicoin Wallet : Shopicoin wallet, Shopicoin Pay are vital platforms that will make the transactions significantly easy for our customers.

Rewards : Shopicoin will revolutionize the rewards industry as consumers will have the full advantage of redeeming their rewards.

API Platform : Using Shopicoin tokens to access the services of open API platforms will prove extremely beneficial to consumers.

Banking System Integration : Customers will be able to buy Shopicoin tokens through linked bank accounts.

Coin Details :

ICO Time Period : 90 DAYS

Name of Coin : Shopicoin

Accepting Currency : ETH

Public sale start : 20 /1/2021

End Date : 20/4/2021


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