Chloramine Shower Filter Pros And Cons - 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Water Filter For Your Family

Chloramine Shower Filter

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of a Chloramine Shower Filter, then here are the pros and cons of the shower filter you are looking at. You will first need to understand the purpose of a Chloramine Shower Filter. The filter was developed after testing the water coming from a public treatment facility which was found to have high levels of chlorine and fluoride. After realizing the dangers of these chemicals presented to humans, these scientists developed Chloramine Shower Filters to eliminate this contamination.

Now let us look at the Chloramine Shower Filter's benefits. First, this type of filter provides filtered water that is safe to drink and safe to bathe in. The reason for this is because the Chloramine is added to the untreated tap water, thus removing all traces of chlorine and fluoride. When added to water, Chloramine serves as a neutralizer that replaces the two substances that cause cancer. Chloramine also regulates the amount of salt in the treated water, thus making sure that the water is balanced and safe to drink. Thus, when you bathe with Chloramine Shower Filters, you not only get purified water, but also a healthy, balanced bathing experience.

The second two of this filtration system is that it provides a very high level of filtration. As mentioned before, the Chloramine is added to the untreated water through a filtration unit. Then, the high pressure of the running water forces the water through the tiny pores in the Chloramine filter. The filter then takes out all the impurities that were missed by the initial stages of the filtration process. As a result, you get clean, fresh water that you can bathe in without having to worry about the dangerous effects of water pressure.

The third proof Chloramine Shower Filter is its price. It costs much less than most other types of shower head filters, even the expensive ones. Furthermore, since there is no filtration of sediment or bacteria, this system does not leave behind any by-products like chlorine. You don't have to worry about the health risks of the chemical. In fact, the shower head water filter produces more chlorine in some controlled tests than the chlorinated drinking water we get from our taps. With this kind of filtration, you get clean water that you can bathe with and stay healthy.

The fourth pro is that the shower filter really works. I was surprised that the showerhead filtration system did not coat the shower with an anti-bacterial compound to keep it clean at all times. However, after several days, my skin and hair were thoroughly clean. So, I do feel that the company did a good job of making sure that my body didn't get sick from the chlorine in the water.

The fifth and last two are that using the Chloramine Shower Filter, I was able to reduce my monthly water bill by about $30. Now, this may not sound like much, but you are spending money on your water when you use the shower head filter. That's a lot of money! If I can save that much money every month, then I think this product is well worth the money.

These pros and cons should be enough to convince you that you need a Chloramine Shower Filter. Do your own research. Find out what the pros and cons are for the various types of filtration systems. Then decide what would work best for you. Hopefully, after reading all of this information, you'll make the right decision.

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