The Spanish La Liga boasts some of the finest names in world football

The Spanish La Liga boasts some of the finest names in world football. And it is for this reason that many people now consider the German Bundesliga to be a viable option when looking to play in Europe. The German second division is run by the Fraenchenger Sportverein immersei, which translates as Sportverein Stadium. Although, unlike the Catalans, promotion and relegation are not carried out automatically from the lower tiers, there are certain measures that can be taken to improve your chances of reaching the knockout stages. So, what are these?

The German Bundesliga is the country's top division and is regularly regarded as the most difficult to get into. This may have something to do with the quality of the teams in the BVMS, or Basicmentung von Bremen und qualmschten. The current champions are Leverkusen, who boast the highest number of wins in the entire competition, but were only able to earn a place due to the heavyweights in their group which they came up against. As you would expect, this puts a huge strain on the team and makes achieving promotion much harder than other teams who have fewer points to overcome. The next best thing is 1860 Munich and Schalke, both of whom earned a place in the playoffs last year. Both of them play in the English Premier League but barely missed out on qualification to the Champions League this time around.

If the idea of playing in the top tier of European football is too intimidating for you, then you should look at the Spanish La Liga. Like the German Bundesliga, this is also a top-level competition and features some of Europe's biggest clubs. Unlike the German leagues, however, La Liga games are not scheduled for weekends. Instead, they are spread out throughout the month of March.

Next up on our list of European football championships is the Italian top flight, which features Inter Milan, Fiorentina, Roma, Napoli and AC Milan. The two Milan giants, Inter and AC, have also qualified for the Champions League, the highest tier of European football. While some of Inter's fixtures come on Saturdays, most of those coming from Italy are on weekdays, meaning that if you want to catch up with what is happening on the pitch, you should either be in Rome or Milan on Saturday.

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The third and final part of this article deals with the German top-flight, or the EFL. Like its sister leagues, the EFL has several different levels, the highest being the top-flight, which features teams from Germany's top-flight, including Borussia Monchengladbach, 1860 Munich, Schalke and Leverkusen. The next level up in the EFL is the reserve team, which includes both professional clubs and lower level teams. The reserve team system was created in response to growing fan demand for more international teams participating in the English premiership, and the rebuff by English Premier League clubs for having called for a freeze on their reserve fixture list led to the formation of this system in 2021.

There are four different levels in the EFL: the English top-flight, the German top-flight, the Portuguese top-flight and the Russian top-flight. Each of these leagues features its own teams in different competitions, which are based on different principles such as possession, penalty shots, fouls taken and goals scored. The English premier league is currently enjoying its longest season in over 20 years, while the other leagues are rapidly becoming competitive in terms of scheduling and qualification systems. For fans looking to follow their favorite clubs from any of the other four European leagues, the EFL is a perfect choice.

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