MacBook Liquid Damage - How to Prevent It From Happening to You

MacBook Liquid Damage can be extremely difficult to remove. Luckily, you can prevent some of the damage by performing the following steps prior to any attempt at repair.

1. Turn OFF the water-damaged MacBook instantly. This is the very first thing that you have to do when you spill liquid on your Macbook Air or Pro even before you place it in the bathtub.

2. Hold the power key for at least five minutes until the power goes off and then release the key.

3. DO not touch the logical board of the MacBook at all - only use the mouse. Perform your regular maintenance routine on the MacBook regularly. Clean out all the crevices, the keyboard crack, the hinges, the trackball, and the backlight of the MacBook with a soft cloth.

4. Clean out all the crevices in the MacBook with the damp towel and cloth. When removing the laptop from the water-damage, make sure that the keyboard, the display screen and the logic board are completely dry before re-connecting them with the USB cord.

The logic board of the MacBook consists of multiple tiny electronic components which are wired in close proximity to one another. With prolonged exposure to water, these electronic components get damaged and start to leak their respective liquid. In extreme cases, the entire logic board might get damaged and you would be left without a functional computer.

5. After thoroughly cleaning the MacBook and removing the spilled water, let it dry for a few hours in a clean area of your house. Once you feel comfortable enough to connect the logic board to the USB port, reconnect the screws and the keyboard. You may need to perform a certain amount of adjustments to the connection as you try to line up the screws again after reconnecting the keyboard and the monitor screen. If you find any broken wire connections on the back of the laptop, use the soldering iron to fill the holes.

6. Your next step is to turn off the MacBook and remove the battery, but keep the power cord connected. The liquid might have accumulated in the various crevices of the logic board and the keyboard and the touchpad. First, disconnect the headphone jack using the cut USB cord that came along with your laptop. Then, locate the three screws that are located on the bottom left corner of the laptop and lift them out. These screws are also present behind the sleep mode switch.

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