Top Graphic Design Trends in 2021

While we can say that 2020 has been the year of the online world, due to lockdown, store closures, and so on, the e-commerce and online platforms have had a great impact on the growing customers. Get to know about the latest Graphic Design Trends of 2021 with us!

The latest trends of graphic design is to enhance your website design visually with in terms of fast speed, easy navigation, dark mode and etc. It is also about working with the company marketing, branding, general illustrations, logos and other graphic design works.

Without further ado, based on research, predictions and statistics, have a look at this list of popular graphic design trends in 2021!

3D Design

It is without doubt that technology has come a long way and it heavily influences today’s world nowadays. Graphic designing is no different, while 3D designs might seem like a thing from the past, it’s quality is only getting better. The definition images, videos and high quality games such as the ones in VR or the many programmes of Augmented Reality are a great example of a new platform for designers through the technological advances in this day and age.

Designing Emojis

Emojis are the perfect accessory through which one can convey tone and also portray that something particular is meant to fun. Emoticons have been popular for a long time because of the rise of smartphones and have blown up since then. Additionally, emoji designs will likely appeal to the youth and hence is perfect if the target audience is on the younger side.

Nature-Inspired Design

With the current pandemic situation and people unable to go outside because of it, it is beyond understandable that people miss going outside in nature. That, coupled with the environmental awareness in recent times has paved the path for designs that have elements of nature and refers to natural beauty. This new trend goes along perfectly with people's new found love of aesthetics and minimalistic designs.

Optical Illusion Design

What better way to hold attention than trying to figure out a puzzle? Taking a page out of the book of the Illusionism art genre, graphic designers are now trying their hands in the confusing mystery art form. Not only is it the best way to represent a deeper meaning to the subject of the design but it is also a way to take the norm of design genres to the next level.

Typography Design 3D

One of the few elements that managed to prevail through generations of editing designs are catchy title texts. Attention grabbing text designs bring focus to the features of the design and that is exactly why 3D typography is the new thing to take off in 2021. Graphic designers are hopeful and excited to add to the hyper realistic feel of text designs and take a new spin to improve the representation of symbolism through creativity.

Cartoon Illustrations

While illustrations have been on forefront of the trend spectrum, the sub genres of this design form are the real reason for its popularity. Cartoons and animations may seem childish but they are in fact incredibly multi-functional. Whether it is for branding for young people, portraying fun products or to take a trip down memory lane, custom cartoon illustrations get the job done beautifully due to their adaptability and room for imagination.

Gold Metallic Design

Once considered tacky but is now well on its way to dominate the industry. Portraying a flair of grandiose and a hint of sleek minimalism, metallic designs, especially gold coloured are killing it in the marketplace. With a beautiful array of complementary shades, graphic designers certainly are and will be having a field day with gold design techniques in 2021.

Voxel Art Design

Voxel Art Design sounds something that is entirely foreign to you but chances are you have probably seen it many times. Voxels are basically 3D pixels that make animations and creative designs. With the combination of symmetry and 3D elements, voxel art designs are the new things propelled by the comeback and massive popularity surge of the game Minecraft in the past few years and the love of legos.

Duotone & Monochrome Design

The idea of a very limited palette has been around for a while in modern design. Partly influenced by a smooth, cool look and vibe but also as a compensation for the increase in illustrations and other complex graphics. Partly this helps the designers, by using your limited time on more complex elements and using simple color themes. for the consumer, this also helps simplify the design so the brain is not awash with a complicated mixture of design features all playing off against each other.

Another influence of the rise of aesthetic vibe culture, designs that have monochromatic or dual tones are on the rise. As it has been reiterated in the previous points, minimalistic and simple looking designs connect to the audience better and are also pleasing to look at without the distracting bursts of colours.

Geometric Shapes Design


Typography Chaos Design

Breaking away from the seemingly archaic rules of designs having to be perfectly aligned or have a consistent pattern to be beautiful, we present you typography but chaos edition for 2021. As mentioned above, text designs are symbolic and chaotic typography also do the same in a very different manner. With varying text sizes, misaligned and essentially anything but conventional, nothing could replicate the feeling of 2020 and 2021 better than this.

Colorless Design

“Less is more”. Never has a quote been this true when it comes to the modernist perception of design art. In stark contrast to 80’s pop up art trend, 2021’s Black and White patterned designs domineered minimalism and conceptualism. Known for its atmospheric vibe that these designs give off, B&W can pull off any look from creepy to nostalgic with little difficulty. Colourless designs are the go-to for effective and simple design elements in 2021.

It felt like the world stopped in 2020, but it also gave the industry of graphic designing to condition their skills as well as blow creative genres through the roof. It is finally time in 2021 that the industry can see their work in practical use as well as imaginative. Remember, “The only limit is your imagination”, so think away and take digital art to new heights.

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