Plywood Raw Materials And The Uses Of Anti-bacterial Laminates

The most customary thing associated with constructions is Plywood. They play a vital role in all sorts of constructions, may it be residential buildings or commercial buildings. And it has a vital role to play in interior designing as well. It defines the face of attraction for the buildings.

Plywood is actually an engineered product from three or more thin sheets of wood. It is an industry-produced sheet of wood with detailed measurements that don’t get affected by atmospheric moisture.

Using Plywood has its benefits:

●Chemical resistance

●Eco- friendly

●Affordable costs


●Increase instability

How Plywood is made?

Plywood consists of three layers: Face, Core and Back. The face is the surface that is evident after fitting them, and the back is hidden from sight. And the middle layer is known as the core, which itself has intermediate layers called cross bands.

Plywood can be made of softwood or hardwood, or a combination of both. Hardwood plywood is usually prepared from dicot trees such as Oak, Maple, Beech and Mahogany. Softwood plywood is made from Douglas Air, Pine, Redwood and Cedar. The composite Plywood comprises particleboard and solid timber pieces as its core and wood veneers as face and back surfaces.

What are laminates?

Laminates are synthesized materials manufactured with multiple layers to enhance various features like appearance, durability, strength, etc. They are widely used as surfacing materials for both commercial and residential spaces.

But, a common problem addressed on using laminates is the growth of microbes. Microbes can quickly multiply in less than half an hour resulting in displeasing blemish, excess odors and early deterioration. And this can, in turn, affect the hygiene and lifetime of the laminated products. Hence Anti-bacterial properties become indispensable for laminated products.

Anti-bacterial Laminate

Uses of Anti-bacterial laminates:

●An absolute safe and healthy ambiance

●More stable at higher temperatures

●Long-lasting performance

●Guarantee a germ-free environment

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