Why Choose a Small Padded Envelope or Jiffy Envelopes?

With all the envelope options made available, do you get overwhelmed too, and fail to realise that padded envelopes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and dimensions.

Why should you choose a Jiffy padded envelope or a bubble mailer?

small padded envelopesjiffy envelopes

Padded Envelope vs bubble mailer: Which one to choose?

You may have seen these terms being used interchangeably, but there’s a difference between a padded envelope and bubble mailer. When you are searching for padded envelopes on the Internet, you are most likely to get similar results for both bubble mailers, padded envelopes and poly bubble mailers.

Padded Envelopes

jiffy padded envelope

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers have a paper outside with a bubble wrap inside. They provide an additional protection for the dainty goods. Depending upon the product, the size of the bubble will vary. Larger the bubbles, safer the goods inside, and obviously better the pop!

Poly Bubble Mailers

When you are searching for bubble mailer options, you are most likely to come across poly mailers as well. Poly mailers too are made with bubble wraps but are made with plastics, and no paper exterior. The poly mailers provide added protection because of the over-all plastic covering but the plastic makes it difficult to write an address.

How to choose the right padded envelope for yourself?

While you are getting yourself padded envelopes, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

A durable self-seal

A trust-worthy bubble mailer should be able to self-seal to ensure that the products inside are safe. While you choose one for yourself, make sure that it has a strong and durable seal, and can stick on its own.

Paper or plastic

You can only choose between the material depending upon the product you are shipping, and how delicate that product is. Padded envelopes usually are made only using paper. Though it is usually thick quality kraft paper and is resistant to rips and tears, these can get wet.

If you are sending something dainty and breakable, you would definitely look for a packaging material that has better packaging. While bubble mailers are with kraft paper on the outside and bubble wrap inside, poly bubble mailers are fully plastic, so you will not only have a better protection, but a waterproof one too.

Plain or coloured

Poly bubble mailers come in a variety of colours, or can even be custom-made, if you are looking to have something funky and something personalised.

For a professional look, go for something in paper finish, white or black.

Size of envelope

The envelope size is the most critical aspect before you buy it. The envelope should always be bigger than the document or product you want to ship, so that nothing gets folded or crushed.

Bubble wrap

So, to conclude all you need to check which is the “right” size for your product, or document…something that is neither too big, nor too small, but just THE size!

There are two dimensions to consider while you plan to choose a bubble mailer. When you have something lined inside, the outside shape will differ from whatever is there inside.

To choose the right size envelope, you need to consider both the dimensions, outside and usable one.

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