Clean Your Bathroom Tiles And Grout On Budget

If you're like me, you've spent hours and hundreds of dollars cleaning equipment that all claim to clean your bathroom tiles as if it's brand new and you'll be disappointed with the results. I have struggled for many years to come up with a good way to keep my bathroom tile grout clean and we have found that there is an important ingredient that works perfectly. Want to know what it is? This is the same age cleaner called Blake!

My house was built in 1978 and we moved in ten years and I would say the house was in very good condition. The bathroom tile wasn't new, but it looked clean, so I'm glad I started 'Clean Slate'. Over the years, I tried my best to keep the tiles and the fallout and in place, but eventually, the fall began to fade, and eventually, the mold stains showed my frustration.

I used a lot of different products including Comet, Tylex, CLR, and a few others but nothing really worked for me until I decided to go to Hog Wild and a Didn't use ordinary old bleach. It didn't happen then, things changed.

One day, sick of seeing cracked mold spots, I decided to take a spray bottle and use a simple old Clorox bleach to see what happens. I opened the windows, sprayed the tiles and bleach, closed the door, and bleached. About 5 minutes later I walked in and almost fell to the floor when I saw how amazing my bathroom tiles and grinder looked.

I washed all the bleach with water and I had to say that the whole tub area was clean, not clean at all! Bleach whitening grout lines look like they're brand new and I can't believe a very simple bleach application saved me years of grief. I can't be happy!

Now when it comes to bleach you have to be very careful, especially in the bathroom as it is a small area and the smoke can be horrible. Make sure you use masks and rubber gloves and don't go crazy with spray bleach everywhere as it will damage clothes or other items that may be near the tub. I would recommend spraying a little at a time and allowing the bleach to work.

You may need a grout brush to help with these difficult areas, but this brush is very inexpensive and can be found in most home improvement centers in tile corridors. I would recommend leaving it for a few minutes and then carefully rinse with water. You will be amazed at the results.

So the next time you want to spend 5-10-10 on this bottle of cleaner which guarantees that it will brighten your bathroom in a new way will resist the desire and bleach. Instead, pick up the bottle at 2:00 p.m. Your tub will be bright, clean and you will have the biggest smile on your face.

Secrets To Keep your Tiles New

Proper tiling can look amazing and make your home fresh, clean, and colorful for years to come. The only problem people face is how the grout and tiles look best after years and years of damage to clothing, water, and general damage. There are no 'trade secrets' and foods and donuts to help this brand look as beautiful as a new floor, wall, or backyard the day you install.

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An amazing alternative is to actually use the windshield washing liquid that you use in your car on a 3: 1 radio dripping liquid. The way it washes your glass without any wood is that it contains alcohol, and surprisingly the light is amazingly light to help seal the area from future stains. And almost installation. Can be used immediately after installation.

Due to the constant attack of moisture and water, it is difficult to keep bathroom tiles fresh, which can go off the grill and into the wall. The best way to avoid anxiety and worry is to look at everything every seven to ten years and fix it.

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